Back to work! and #ROW80

I had an excellent weekend at the coast!  The weather was beautiful and my first ocean fishing trip was a success. I managed to catch several granite Grouper  before catching my first actual fish, but I would have been happy had I not caught a single one.  It was just great to be out on the boat with my family soaking up the sunshine and learning to do something new.

Me, my sister and our dad waiting on the dock.  I’m the short one.  I’d love to say that my sister and I are dressed for fishing, but we kind of always look like that.

Dad, me and my BIL.  Note that I am enjoying the breakfast of champions, Diet Coke. I am used to being up this early, but I’m usually wearing my pajamas and sitting in front of my computer.

The first and only fish I caught!  I’m very proud.  Thanks to my BIL for showing me how to fish (I, like, didn’t even know how to use the fishing rod) and for taking my fish off of the hook for me. (The deckhands were busy helping my sister get her 6th and 7th fish into the tote.)

We also put in three crab pots that we had to pull out at the end of the trip.  My BIL warned us that they were hard to pull back up and he wasn’t kidding.  My sister and I pulled one in together and I got covered in shredded jelly fish.  Good times.

My BIL pulled in the other two pots.  It was completely awkward watching everyone struggle with the crab pots.  Even the big strong guys had a difficult time.  The only one that seemed to have an easy time of it was this lady from Idaho that was sporting full on camo gear.  After I’d pulled up my pot, I commented to her how hard it was and she looked at me like I was a disgrace to womankind.

Hey, at least I didn’t whine about how icky it was being covered in jellyfish.  Nor did I hurl.  I thought that was pretty dude-ish of me. 🙂

On to the ROW80 stuff:

Obviously, I didn’t get any writing done. I do feel confident in saying that the first draft of Glow will done this week.  Also, my sister and I decided that we’d be rolling out the new covers for the trilogy with Glow.  So, expect to see a new look!

Time to get back to work!  Have a great week you all!

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