The End and #ROW80

Glow’s done.

I typed the final paragraphs over six hours today in which I also went to the chiropractor, made a trip to the grocery store, prepared dinner, watched my baby niece so my sister could go to the pharmacy, ate dinner, chatted with my husband and put my daughter to bed.

Sometimes finishing a book isn’t a big triumphant moment. Sometimes it’s just done and you sit for a second and think,”how in the hell did I manage to pull that off one more time?”

Sure, there are still typos and awkward sentences to fix. Comments from the beta readers to weigh. But I’m never going to have to add 40K words to Glow again. Maybe another thousand during editing.

It’s short. Shorter than Glimpse and Glimmer by a couple thousand words. But like I was telling my BFF earlier today, I wrote what I had left to write about these characters.  After six years, I completed the story I set out to tell.

Am I coming off as melancholy?  I don’t mean to be.  The book is good. I think my writing has gotten better (while my spelling has gotten worse) with each one. Perhaps that’s why Glow is shorter. I got to the point.

I think maybe I’m just missing Zellie already.

Ha. I’ve got character empty nest syndrome. 🙂

The good thing is, I’ve decided on what I’m going to do for the Ben book(s) and Zellie, Avery, Melody and Claire will make an appearance.

But that’s in the near future. Right now I’ve got to get Glow out to you all and let you say so long to the Rosedell crew for a while, too.

ROW80 update: Yes, I know it’s Friday where some of you are and this is two days late…how about we think of it as two days early instead? 🙂 Well, I do believe I have met my goal for this round! I have until July 4th to publish it, right? *pats self on back*  Did I say I was going to do anything else? Come up with the plot for Takeover: Will of the Gods? I think I did say that. I’ll have to save that for the next round. My brain needs a break and I need some time spent at the gym on the treadmill reading books written by other people.

And now, I feel that I deserve some wine. Later.

7 thoughts on “The End and #ROW80

  1. Huzza! A toast to a job well done. I had the most wonderful chocolate wine recently, it made my toes curl! Treat yourself to celebrate your efforts, enjoy the moment – then get back to work baby! 🙂 The greedy readers are never satisfied, we are like zombies always wanting more – hee hee! I look forward to reading Glow and send good thoughts for your continued success.

  2. Stacey, congratulations! It’s one of those bittersweet moments. Happy to be done…sad to be done. But there are so many more books in your head. They may not be about Zellie, but they star YOUR characters. And Zellie will always be with you. I can’t wait to read Glow. You rock, girl!

  3. I’m always a little melancholy when I finish writing a book. It’s only natural. I’d think it would be even more pronounced if it’s the end of a series.

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