Adding to your TBR pile and #ROW80

Just a quick post today. The weather is actually beautiful here for once, so I’m not going to squander it!

There’s a new site up that’s great for indie authors and indie readers called 1500 Authors.

Authors, you can list up to three of your books on the site with links to Kindle, Nook and paperback.

Readers, all the authors listed are indie and their books are categorized by genre. Discover something new to read!

ROW80: I’ve received several of Glow’s beta’s comments back already (they have until Saturday) and they’ve been positive.  Hurrah!  While I’ve been waiting to get them all in I’ve been attempting to do some marketing stuff. I’ve been thinking about doing a newsletter for a while but never got around to it.  Now that I have a bit of time I thought I’d whip one up. Ha.  Not so easy.  I’m still working on it two days later. 🙂  So, that’s my project for the rest of the week until all the beta’s comments are in.

A shout-out to my folks, Denny and Reta Wallace!! Today is their 42nd wedding anniversary.  Love you, Mom and Dad!!


2 thoughts on “Adding to your TBR pile and #ROW80

  1. Thanks for the heads up on the new site. It always helps to get your books in as many places as possible.

    Of course the comments on Glow from betas are positive. Did you expect anything else? 😉

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