Get Funky

I’ve decided I’m in a funk.

I came to this conclusion by examining past funks and this one has all the signs. The main two signs being overconsumption of candy and the fact that I just watched three seasons of Kyle XY in under a week.

There was the Turning Thirty funk that had me rabidly watching Roswell and then going to three stores at ten at night in my pajama pants to secure the box set of the last season.  The Oh Dear God I Can’t Be Pregnant For One More Second funk was prolonged and lasted through viewings of all of the box sets of Buffy and Angel.

The funks aren’t always accompanied by tv shows. I’ve had an Outlander funk (post holiday malaise), a Harry Potter funk (newborn baby sleep deprivation), a Twilight funk (70th rejection letter) and a Vampire Academy funk (no more Twilight series).

Funk= entertainment binge.

Past experience has also taught me that I have about two more days before I start feeling better, get control of myself and start being proactive.

Two days later…

I realized I was glad to be in my thirties, that I wouldn’t be pregnant forever, that it was almost March, the baby started sleeping through the night, I decided to self-publish, there are Twilight movies. 🙂

What’s my current funk about? It’s stupid.  It’s so stupid that this is what I Googled today:

How to get your novels turned into a television show.

Some seriously random and unhelpful crap came up.  Not sure what I was expecting. I know for sure that nothing is easy and that all my questions can’t be answered by Googling, but just once wouldn’t it be cool if at the top of the page there was a checklist to follow?

What makes this funk even more stupid is that I know the answer to the question I Googled and I just don’t want to do what I have to do.

Write query letters.

Query letters are the auditions of writing.  Half the reason I quit pursuing an acting career was the icky feeling I always got after auditions, the “let me prove to you how awesome I am,” feeling.

But, trying to turn the Zellie books into a TV show has always been part of the plan.  A part of the plan that I really, really want. The agents aren’t falling from the sky to help me out, so I have to query.

And I gotta start doing it on Sunday. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Get Funky

  1. Good for you!! I’m also in a funk and I really don’t know how to pull myself out of it. It’s a fear thing, I think, but whatever it is, it’s preventing me from starting my next book. Which I really need to do and it’s just not happening. So well done you, for getting over the funk!! And good luck on the querying – I want to turn my books into films at some point, which will mean getting back into screenwriting. And then querying. Yay.

    1. Yes, funks are definitely fear-based. I’ve definitely been afraid of starting a new book – we put a lot into our work, it’s exhausting and there are so many expectations from ourselves and readers. Who willingly jumps right into that? 🙂 It’s the same for me with querying. Querying means letting myself get rejected, practically nominating myself for it.
      Good luck getting over your funk – maybe watch a miniseries? That way it won’t go on for too much longer. 🙂

  2. Stacey,I posted to you on Goodreads but I think this is important enough to post it twice! Zellie needs to get on screen. I believe in you, in Zellie, errrr you know what I mean!

    Ok about funk’s…Stacey, I laughed and cried reading this. See I too have been through “women-life-changing-or-lack-sleep- funk’s as you have.
    I had the pleasure of my turning thirty funk exactly at same time as my having & bringing home my 2nd baby home, with a toddler at home = no sleep for what felt like a zillion years funk. I handled that by watching a lot of the food network and CNN b/c what else is on in the middle of the night?

    Ohhhh, and the worst was after my first daughter was born preemie and colicky, Angel had just been cancelled , so my sleepless nights were drowned in a Complete Angel tv series box set.

    I also *sigh* went through the twilight into post twilight vampire academy blues. Then I discovered Kelley Armstrong who too my funk away, I know you read her too! Was her otherworld series a read-in-a-funk spree type series, or were they read in happy times?

    Ok now where was I, OH MY YES, you haveto keep trying to get Zellie onto film. I can see her in my head and if ever a story was made to be made not a movie or tv series it is Zellie’s. Not only are your books a wonderfully refreshing take on on the YA Paranormal genre, the writing is spectacular and I can see it transferring into a fabulous screenplay. Zellie is a unique character and the way she speaks cracks me up. I can also see just the right actress having a fieldnday with perfecting all the “Zellism’s”. As well I think all the character’s, especially Claire and Avery would have very specific mannerisms that would easily jump from page to screen.

    Don’t give up, if getting on screen is in your plan then stick to it. I think it’s a great plan.

    1. Thanks for believing in me!
      I read the Otherword series during good times when I was trying to get more good examples of paranormal romance into my brain. Love those books! I haven’t tried any of her YA, which is dumb, but I seriously have the TBR pile from hell. And I want to read every single book in it!! Maybe now that I’m done with Kyle XY I can start reading again. 🙂

  3. Wow, a TV show! I had no idea that was on your mind. I would love to see the awesomeness of Zellie on TV. But you know it will take work, just like everything else that’s important in life. I believe in you, Stacey!

    I’m not one to get into funks much. I used to be, but the older I get, the mellower I get.

  4. Ooh, I recognise those funks! Sometimes it helps me to write, other times it helps to drop everything and go out and *do* something. Of course, you could always reread Harry Potter or Outlander or…

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