What’s for dinner and #ROW80 update

I’m supposed to be making dinner because I vowed to start making all of our meals so that we didn’t eat so much processed food, but I kinda wish I had a bag o’ taquitos in the freezer at the moment.  I’m sure the kids, and my husband for that matter, would rather have those than the chicken breast and salad I have planned.  I know, I know, I’m not a short order cook. (Not anymore, at least)  I’m also not the type of person who enjoys throwing perfectly good chicken breast in the trash.  Our dog Chief has been eating well lately. 🙂

I hadn’t planned on writing a ROW80 update today because I don’t really have anything to report.  I did finally deal with all of the Zellie business, adding them to Google Books today, so that’s out of the way.

I read over the DoS stories again to make more notes for Takeover and will start putting words on the page for it tomorrow.  After I finished the note taking, I uploaded the stories to Smashwords and Barnes and Noble again because I’d found a few typos and my website address was still the old one.  I’ll do Kindle after dinner, as it aggravates me the most and I’ll require sustenance.

So, look, it’s like week three of ROW80 and I haven’t even started working on what I’m supposed to be working on.  I’m not worried, although I am making an addendum to my goals.

A super freaking exciting addendum! (What, they can to be exciting!)

Takeover starts tomorrow.  It gets worked on every day for an hour.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’ll be writing the pilot script for Glimpse.

I’ve had a bit of luck.

My friend that is the head of my local community theatre is  an Assistant Director on films.  She also used to AD television shows. (Ever heard of the X-files?)  Anyway, we went out for frozen yogurt the other night and I was hoping that she could give me some tips on how to write a television script. I’ve written plays, but it’s not the same.

The conversation went even better than expected.  Not only did she give me some tips, but she made the idea of my wanting to do this whole tv thang seem plausible.  She’s going to read my script and help me make sure it’s up to par AND she’s going to help me with finding a production company.

It’s like I have an agent, except she lives down the street from me and our kids get together for playdates.  I’ve officially kicked that funk from a few weeks back in the ladyballs (that’s for you Vicki) and I don’t expect to see it for a while!

Okay, time to make chicken and salad.  I’m sure if I bribe the kids with one of my emergency gummy worms I can get them to eat a few bites.  Whatever works, people.


3 thoughts on “What’s for dinner and #ROW80 update

  1. I’m so excited about this TV thing. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this all works out, because this would be a great show!

    My mom thinks one of my books, Starfane, would make a great movie. But someone else would have to write the script. I CANNOT write a script. LOL. I’m glad you have that talent.

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