The book that started it all

Rob and I have been married for nine years today!  Please enjoy this picture of us looking YOUNG:

We got married in the Governor Hotel in Portland and it was a grand old-time.  Basically, we had a five-minute ceremony presided over by a judge and then the party started.  We walked back down the aisle to It’s the End of the World As We Know It.  Fun fact: I’m holding up my dress because I almost fell down the step and landed flat on my face.  Thankfully, that didn’t happen until much later when fewer people were around.  I’m super graceful.

While we’ve been married for nine years, we’ve been together for twelve.  I know I’ve told the story of how we fell in love before, but I’m gonna tell it again because our whole relationship can be traced back to a book.

On the day I went in to interview to work at Tower Records in Marina Del Rey, I met Rob on the way to the manager’s office.  He was the bookstore manager and was in the back, in the cage, where they kept all the inventory. He said hi and we chatted for a bit.  I found out that he was on his way to Oregon to visit some friends and I told him that I’d moved from there the year before.

I went and had my interview and when I came back out of the office he’d left for his trip.  I didn’t see him for a week and didn’t think much of it.

I started working the night shift and Rob worked during the day, so we saw each other in passing.  Some nights after work I’d go to this bar called Brennan’s with my supervisor (Rob) Coleman and I’d run into Rob Benefiel and lots of other Tower folks as they were headed home for the night.

One evening at work, I picked up a copy of a poetry book we were selling called Easy Battles For Lazy Armies.  Poetry had been my “thing” in high school and the book was written by Rob Benefiel, an employee at our store.  Now, at the time, I didn’t know either of the Rob’s last names, so I didn’t know which Rob was Coleman and which Rob was Benefiel. (Hey, I was 23.) It also didn’t help matters that both of them were writers.

Well, I absolutely loved the book and told both my sister and Sarah that I was going to marry whichever Rob had written it.

After a little investigating, I discovered that Rob Benefiel was the guy that worked the day shift…and then I magically got put on the day shift.

There may have been some light stalking involved, but I think he really got the message when I invited myself along on a date he was having with another girl. 🙂  For some reason, that was the clincher and we started dating a week later.

I began working at Tower in February, our first date was March 29th and we moved in together at the beginning of June.  So, for all of those people who doubt that love can happen fast, here’s a real-life example.

Twelve years and two kids later, we’re still together.  And we’re both still writing.  My anniversary present to him was to self-publish the second edition of Easy Battles For Lazy Armies.

You can find it at Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and Amazon.  It will be available in print soon. Followed by several more books of poetry that Rob is in the process of compiling and editing.

His anniversary present to me has been braving the flea-ridden garage to light the pilot on the water heater so I can take a hot shower.

Apparently, the ninth anniversary is “doing mundane tasks the other doesn’t want to” annniversary.

Tomorrow we’re going out to dinner at BEAST with my sister and her husband – their 10th wedding anniversary is next Thursday. (Dad’s still possibly paying off the bar tabs from both of our weddings.  If you have multiple daughter’s, he would recommend that they spread their weddings out a bit.)  If you’re a fan of Top Chef Master’s, then you’re totally jealous we’re going to BEAST.  If you’re not, check out the menu for this week and you will be! (Vegetarians need not peruse.)

I hope everyone has a lovely day.  I’m off to take a long, hot shower before we have to turn the pilot off again so that we can flea bomb the garage for a third time.

5 thoughts on “The book that started it all

  1. Happy anniversary! And what a romantic gift to your hubby. 🙂

    The Governor Hotel is lovely. I popped in on my last visit home. I can imagine it would make a nice place for a wedding.

  2. Happy Anniversary. I LOVE that you walked up the aisle to REM(let alone Its the end of the world as we know it–my mother would have died:). So jealous you get to go to BEAST for your anniversary dinner–enjoy.

  3. Happy anniversary. 🙂 It’ll be five years for me tomorrow (August 5th). Sounds like your wedding was as interesting as mine. I had a black eye and sang the Robert Mitchum version of Thunder Road. We all danced the Hokey-pokey, and instead of a bride and groom on our wedding cake, we had Lightning McQueen and Sally Porsche.

  4. Happy anniversary! Such a great story – just read the Tower records bit in Toilet Business too [g] I love poetry myself – darn, you’ve just given me another book to add to my wishlist!

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