#ROW80 experiment

I’ve spent the past couple of days trying to figure out exactly what was going to happen in Takeover and how those events could lead to three more stories.  I also just couldn’t decide if Alexander was good or bad.  In the end, he’s both, as any vampire/witch should be. 🙂

Today I wrote 400 words on a new scene and then wrote a little blurb for each of the remaining scenes.  This made me happy.  This felt like progress.

Then I went back and looked to see how many words the previous four scenes I’d written were.  The first scene came in at 1,397.  Excellent.  It went downhill from there. 457, 382, 509. Blah.

This tells me that right now, those short little scenes are ideas.  Ideas that need fleshing out.  If I want Takeover to come in at roughly the same word count as the other DoS stories, I’ve got to pump my scenes up considerably.

I thought about making each scene 1,300 words.  I know that my writing is spare and I can always describe things more thoroughly.  But then that seemed weird and sort of artificial.  I mean, I still want the story to be written in my voice and I’m not sure my voice always has 1,000 extra words in it.

So, I’m going to try to do this loosely.  After I finish writing the whole story, I’m going to go through each scene that is shorter than 1,300 words and pinpoint three things that could be expanded upon. I think this will help me complete the first draft of Takeover more quickly because I won’t have to fret over if I’ve written enough.

I realize this is how a lot of people write their first drafts, but I always edit as I go, so it’s new for me.

Wish me luck!  I’m off to go put in some time on the Glimpse pilot that I’ve neglected for a week.  Hope all is well with you guys.


5 thoughts on “#ROW80 experiment

  1. Sounds like a plan- I love the way you have your writing style figured out. The three things idea is something I’ll have to remember. I’m excited about your TV pilot. It’s got me thinking fantasy casting. Someone blond and hunky for Avery? Don’t know about Zellie, tho.

    1. Zellie and Avery are the hardest for me to find. I’ve got a pinterest account where I pin celeb pictures and sets (mostly buildings in Sisters, OR.) of my Glimpse fantasy cast and locales. Mike is Jeffery Donovan- that guy from Burn Notice, Grace is Laura Leighton – from Melrose!, Claire is Selena Gomez, Melody is Elle Fanning. I even think that guy who played Kyle on Kyle xy would make a fab Christopher. But Z and A? They’ve got to be the right combo of hot and awkward. Ha! Emma Stone would’ve made a great Zellie three years ago.
      I’m Becky. I wrote that character for myself, although I’m probably not quite old enough. 🙂

  2. I also edit as I go, or at least after so many thousand words. I probably shouldn’t because then all I do is see the mistakes and I never end up finishing.

    I’m trying to figure out how to get the DoS series on my Sony!

    1. Yeah, the edit as you go is great when you actually finish the story, but not so great for actually finishing a story. 🙂 Is Sony Kobo? It should be up there through Smashwords, or I guess you could just get it on smashwords! Get the Vol. 1-3, it’s cheaper than buying each story individually.

  3. I used to always edit as I go, but this last time I didn’t. I wanted to see how that went. It certainly means I have a lot of typos to fix! But you kind of get to see the whole picture if you wait until you’re done.

    My best friend (the one who died recently) and I used to always try to cast people from books we read. That was always fun. But we never could quite get Agent Pendergast right. Yeah, yeah, I know…you probably don’t know who that is. LOL

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