Vacation. Got to get away!

Some of you may have seen me post on my Facebook page this morning that all the lights in my office had burnt out, but were still buzzing even though I’d turned them off.


That buzzing was my hard drive crapping out.

It’ll be a week before everything is all fixed and even then, I probably lost all the stuff I hadn’t backed up.

Those things I hadn’t backed up would be –  Takeover, the Glimpse pilot, and a short story for my pen name that was nearly finished.

I don’t know why I didn’t back them up, I backed up Glow obsessively, several times a day.  Most likely it’s because I only got to work on these things once or twice a week.  At any rate, if they can recover them, yay.  If they can’t, I wasn’t that deep into Takeover, the Glimpse pilot probably would’ve needed to be rewritten anyways, and the other story?  Well, I’m pissed about that one, but what can ya do?

What with the hard drive and car accidents and the fleas and my daughter barfing on me twice the other night, my ass is taking a vacation before I completely lose it.

I’ll still be checking my e-mail if you need to get in touch with me.  Otherwise, I’m reading, at the beach, painting my dining room or sleeping.

Check y’all later.


4 thoughts on “Vacation. Got to get away!

  1. Oh, man, that’s awful. Maybe the info can be recovered off the hard drive. The people we take our work computers to have always been able to salvage mine.

    I always make sure my WIP’s are backed up. I’ll either put them on a flash drive or email them to myself. Sometimes both. I never want to lose something I’m writing.

    It definitely sounds like you need a vacation. I hope you’re able to enjoy it and relax!

  2. enjoy the break — i usually back up on external hard drive + email. PLUS keep whatever was originally written by hand (particularly for plots/outline stuff)! i had an entire final project for a business module wiped out once. think i backed things up more often from then on.

  3. Man, that sucks. Sorry to hear about it. I back up all of my work on Dropbox, so maybe you should check that out. Enjoy the vac-kay and get some rest.

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