Back in business

Yay!  I have a new hard drive and my husband was able to retrieve all the files from my old one.  I’m so relieved!  You better believe the first thing I did was back up everything on my external hard drive.  I will not make that mistake again.

I’ve gotten very little writing done on my vacation, but have managed to do a lot of other things.  My house is cleaner than its been in ages, the curtains I bought for my daughter’s bedroom over a year ago have been hung up,  I cleaned out all the kids clothes and put them in bins according to age or sent them to the Goodwill.  I just had a lot of crap like that to do and I was never getting around to it because I was trying to be super writer that puts out something new every two months.  I still have not painted the freaking dining room and at this point am considering telling people the unfinished wall is supposed to look like that.  Uh, it’s rustic. 🙂

I did get a little business done – the author tour in October is really shaping up.  We’ve got gigs at the Beaverton library, Interzone coffee-house in Corvallis, and A Children’s Place bookstore in Portland.  There is all the possibility for a date at the Camas library and a couple other bookstores around town.  Now I’ve just got to figure out what I’m going to read!  What do you all think?  Beginning of Glimpse or  the Avery and Zellie standing outside of school scene?  Everyone always seems to like the hair-tucking scene. 🙂

Otherwise, I’ve stuck to my guns and tried to do nothing.  Ha!  I went to the beach and have gone to the movies lots.  I’ve read 6 Stephanie Plum novels.  Let me tell you, I’m on 11 and they go to 17 and I think I’ll have gained about 20 lbs. by the time I’m done.  I have never wanted to eat doughnuts so much in my entire life.  Those books are filled with not so subtle doughnut suggestion. I finished book 10 and then went to the store specifically for doughnuts.  I haven’t been this pastry crazed since I was pregnant with my son.

Just thought I’d give you guys all a quick hello and let you know I’m in much better spirits than when I last posted.  I’m taking the rest of this week to further veg and then I’m going to dive back into all my writing projects next week.  Which reminds me, I need to download FocusBooster again!

Have a good one.

One thought on “Back in business

  1. I love Stephanie. And isn’t Lula hilarious? I love those books!

    It’s good to see you back again. Sometimes we have to take a break from writing and do real life stuff. And I’m SO glad you were able to retrieve your files. Back it up! LOL

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