Midweek #ROW80 update

According to my weekly schedule, I’m supposed to be writing my ROW80 post right now. 🙂

Things have been going pretty well.  I’ve been getting my household chores done and have made two dinners that my family has been underwhelmed by.  They’ve had to eat vegetables, which I know is a hardship for them. Ha!

I’ve done all right with the computer time goal.  Better on Monday than Tuesday.  Scrabble 20 times a day is a hard habit to break!

ROW80 update- 730 new words on Monday and 625 new words on Tuesday.  I’m not quite getting my hour and a half without interruptions.  Once again, I think this will be easier when school’s in session and I only have one kid to get occupied.  Right now the kids are sooooooo bored and out of their minds, despite the many fun activities provided to them.  We’re all ready for Summer to end.

Back to writing – I’m trying my hardest to just write and not edit as I go along.  I keep coming up with things I’m going to need to change in Takeover, but I’m trying to just save them for the editing stage.  Otherwise, I’m enjoying working on it.

Other stuff – I finished reading Red by Kait Nolan the other evening and really liked it.  It was helpful to me to read how she wrote werewolves. Meagan in Takeover is a werewolf and it was nice to see how someone else portrayed them and the similarities and differences.  Sometimes it’s good to know that the way you’re conveying an idea is also the way someone else has and that it will be understood.

Life stuff- I had to scare THE POSSUM away from the cats food three times last night.  Rob’s going to check to see if the flea problem has subsided in the garage enough for us to stow the cats in there at night again.  I say YES no matter what and will dose them with more Advantage and take my chances. Bleeeccccch.

Today is the boy’s second to last swim lesson for the season.  He can totally doggie paddle and I don’t have to be afraid of one of my children sinking like a stone in Mamaw and Papaw’s pool.  Hurrah!  I’m very proud of him.

I get my minivan back today and get to turn in the rental car I’ve had for two weeks.  Adios crappy rental car, you’ve served me well, but made me realize that I really am a minivan mom.

Okay, time’s up.  Gotta move onto the next thing. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Midweek #ROW80 update

  1. I also have to fight the compulsion to edit as I go, Stacey, so you’re definitely not alone. One of my goals for ROW80 has been to learn how to silence my inner critic, at least during the 1st draft.

    Hopefully things will settle down once school starts back. Have a great rest of the week!

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