Sunday Funday and #ROW80

A quick ROW80 update – I wrote 829 words on Wednesday, a guest blog post on Thursday, and 666 words on Friday.

Nothing on Saturday because I went to the Portland Pirate Festival and then the Cornelius Pass Roadhouse.  The Pirate Fest was okay, it was really hot, but there were some fun things to do for the kids.

Right off the bat my son somehow fell out of a bouncy house and got caught in between it and a chain link fence. He scraped the crap out of his left arm. Thanks to the lady on the other side of the fence who alerted my sister to the boy’s whereabouts.  He’s a tough kid, but I still babied the hell out of him and got him a ridiculously big chocolate-peanut butter ice cream come. We stuck to doing crafts and playing on the regular playground equipment after that.

Then we sent all the grandkids home with my parents while we had some post Pirate Fest beers.  It was an almost excellent Saturday.

Here’s something cool – JL Bryan released a second edition of his book Dark Tomorrows, including a bunch of new authors and stories in it.  Day of Sacrifice is in there as well as a new story by Vicki Keire.  Check it out!  It’s free on Smashwords and 99 cents on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Now I’m off to a bbq and to get probably the last swim of the summer in.  Have a good one.



2 thoughts on “Sunday Funday and #ROW80

  1. Ooo, sorry about the bouncy house. Chocolate peanut butter ice cream probably helped a lot. Our pool closed this weekend. Sad! I can’t believe we’re staring down the barrel of fall already!
    How cool is Dark Tomorrows?!? I’m so thrilled to be sharing a byline with you!

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