La la la, whatever and #ROW80

This is a photo of Charlize Theron in the new movie, Young Adult, from the peeps who made Juno:

When I first saw this it made me feel funny.  It made me feel squeamish and…called out.  Replace that dog with a satchel of Diet Coke and the Hello Kitty t-shirt with the Mickey Mouse t-shirt my friend Kristen got me at a yard sale junior year of high school that I still wear, and yeah, they pretty much got it right.

Every time I’m cruisin’ in my minivan and car dancing to that Hot Chelle Rae song – complete with a killin’ it on the dance floor fantasy – the photo of Charlize pops into my head.

I’m 36, I have two kids, the aforementioned minivan and I should be, I don’t know, listening to the new Wilco.  Strangely enough, that was the music I listened to in high school!

So, how did I get this way?  I blame Zellie.  After being stuck in her head for seven years, I’ve immatured.

Good for the YA/New Adult writing career, not so much for grown-up stories. If I’m ever going to finish the DoS series, I’m totes going to have to start wearing slacks and gently grooving to easy listening.

Say it ain’t so!  La la la, whatever.

#ROW80 update: Monday- I wrote a single paragraph over the course of six hours due to the kids being all up in my grill hopped up on popsicles.  Household chores have gone to hell. Tuesday – I decided I hated the beginning of Takeover, wrote a new one of about 300 words, decided I hated it more, read over all of Takeover that I’ve written so far, decided I liked it, added another 200 words before my writing time was up and then I researched shotguns. For the story.

And maybe the possum family that likes to chill on the back patio.


Clearly I had tons to write about. 🙂 Check y’all later.



6 thoughts on “La la la, whatever and #ROW80

  1. This totally cracked me up, “I wrote a single paragraph over the course of six hours due to the kids being all up in my grill hopped up on popsicles.” Thanks for the laugh. 🙂

  2. Your posts always seem to tickle my funny bone. LOL.

    I’m never going to try writing YA. I just don’t think I have the voice for it. I admire any adult writer who can write YA because you have to put yourself in the minds of teenagers…which can’t be easy. I would be going “Help, let me out!”. 🙂

    1. Ha! I’m glad I’m not the only one. The only thing that confirms my status as an “adult” is the fact that I have a job. Other than that, I’m all teen…perhaps younger. I still dance and sing to commercials, I make up songs about my pugs, and I don’t like changing out of my pj’s. It’s a wonder I ever got married!

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