#ROW80 update

Row80 – I wrote 3,280 words on Takeover last week. I’m in a good place with it. The first draft will be finished by Wednesday I’m guessing. Then, I’m going to go through and identify three things in each scene that could be expanded upon – most of it will be description.

I had a really great writing day yesterday. I was super proud of myself for writing a long, kick ass scene.  As I wrote the last sentence, I realized I’d left out four characters that should’ve been in the scene.  Big DUH of the week award goes to me! 🙂 Anyway, after giving myself the evening to think it over, I know how to fix it and will do so tomorrow.

Today I have two meetings of the fun variety.  All of us Rain Boots Required authors are meeting in person for the first time. We’ve got all our gigs lined up and we’re meeting to discuss which excerpts we’ll read and plan the talk on the writing process that we’re giving at a couple of places. And about a million other things.  The deal with planning a book tour for four creative people is that we’ve all got ideas out the wazoo! We send each other about 40 emails a week. 🙂

My other fun meeting is with my friend Anne Marie.  I’m helping her cater her and her husband’s 40th birthday bash.  So, a good day of talking about writing and food!

Have a most excellent week everyone!

6 thoughts on “#ROW80 update

  1. I leave out characters all the time. That might be why my first edit always ups my wordcount so much!

    Yay you on almost finishing the first draft, hope it keeps going well.

    Ooh, catering. Brave, very brave. 😉

  2. Sounds like you’ve got everything well in hand! Don’tcha just love the prospect of a first draft coming to a close? Accomplishment! Celebrations! OXYGEN!

    Congratulations, and good luck this week!

  3. Great progress, Stacey! And it sounds like you’re going to be having lots and lots of fun! Go you!

    Since you smilified my blog the other day, I thought I would fill yours with exclamations points. 🙂

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