Pour some sugar on #ROW80

The first draft of Takeover is complete!  I was having some trouble writing the final scene yesterday – I was at that point where two groups come back together after having separate adventures and I couldn’t figure out how they were going to share their intel with each other without having to recap the whole story.

Then it occurred to me that the last scene I was trying to force myself to write wasn’t necessary if I added a few key paragraphs at other points in the story.  And, that the last line of the second to last scene was an awesome final line and left a good cliffhanger for the next story. (Which I have figured out!!!  Go me!  Knowing what I’m going to write before I sit down to write it!!)

I’m going to spend a week editing and rewriting in preparation for sending it to beta readers at the end of next week.  I hope to publish it before September’s over, but I make no guarantees.   Then I’m onto DoS stories #5 and #6!

To celebrate finishing yet another story that I was sure I was never going to finish, I’m going to see Def Leppard and Heart tonight.  Very excited.  The concert is outside and the weather has turned chilly, so I get to wear ripped up jeans and flannel.  I feel like it’s always a good idea to dress like the band you’re going to see. Unless it’s Lady Gaga or Rhianna.  I can’t pull off the leather hot pants look anymore.

Okay, so maybe I never could.

Rock on and have a buttrockfantastic rest of the week!

8 thoughts on “Pour some sugar on #ROW80

  1. Go you! What great news to have a completed draft! I love Def Leppard & Heart. Wish I could go too! (And what’s with the chilly weather? We had 100 degrees in Texas today!) Keep up the great ROW80 progress & have fun at the concert.

  2. You go, girl! I still love that song, I don’t care what anyone says, and now you’ve got it stuck in my brain. How badly will the kids freak out when I play it at ear-splitting volumes? Scream and throw stuff for me, ‘k?

  3. Yay Stacey! Congrats on getting that first draft done.

    You really have an idea for the next story? Before you start writing it? Wow, that’s a concept I’m not familiar with. Hahahahahaha.

    I’ve seen Def Leppard and it was a great show! I used to go to concerts all the time, but now that I’m older…not so much. My favorite concerts were the two times I got to see Paul McCartney. :0)

  4. Great job on finishing! One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever read said “Detatch From The Outcome” which is posted behind my monitor. Whenever I do that the words seem to roll from some hidden place.

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