Cover reveal and #ROW80

Quick update today, I’ve finally found a chunk of time to work on editing Takeover.  I’ve secured beta readers for it for the end of next week and have purchased a cover!

I’d never bought cover art before, I’m related to a bunch of artists, so it was a new experience.  My husband is usually involved in the DoS covers in some way, whether he takes the photos for the cover or makes the actual cover.  I’d already asked him to make the Rain Boot Required flyer for me this week and didn’t want to tear him away from his own work.  It seemed like a good time to try something new.

The cover for Takeover was designed by Christine from Flip City Covers and I think she did an awesome job.

That’s Meagan (a werewolf) standing there in the field.  Some crazy stuff is about to go down, y’all.

And now for some randomocity:  Did anyone else cry at the end of Vampire Diaries this week?  I got caught up.  Ha!  Also, The Secret Circle was awesome, I thought.  It was enough like the books for me to enjoy it, but I also liked the updates.  I was the same age as the characters when the book came out and what seemed dangerous then, is kinda not now!  They’ve upped the action, for sure.

My time chunk is slipping away!  Check you guys later.


11 thoughts on “Cover reveal and #ROW80

  1. Awesome cover! How cool that you’ve got another release coming up! Getting quite the backlist. And I like this “time chunk” philosophy- I might need to adopt it over on my blog.

  2. Love the new cover!! Can’t wait to read it this week…

    Secret Circle was totally good. I liked those books better than VD in the first place, so hopefully the series will not disappoint. Not digging the casting of the boys, but I’ll get over it. 🙂

  3. Nice cover. The colors set an ominous tone. TVD was good this week. Didn’t cry at the end. Watched The Secret Circle. I liked the first episode, didn’t read the books. Guess that goes on my to read list.

  4. That’s a great cover, Stacey! I started paying for cover art a little while back. The funny thing is, I have the same cover artist, but she wouldn’t let me pay her until she got better. LOL.

    Can’t wait to read Takeover.

  5. The cover makes me want to know more about her, just what a cover should do… leave me wanting more.

    Hope to see you in Round 4!

    (I am not caught up on Vampire Diaries, but will have to do so after your comment. I started recording Secret Circle but haven’t watched yet. Where do I get more of the elusive time I need?!!?)

  6. Woo for brand spanking new covers. I’m kind of terrified of hiring a cover artist (I’m a picky little shit and would probably be hunted down and stabbed in the eye with a stylus), so I’m even more impressed than usual. 😉

    Best of luck with Takeover, looking forward to reading it!

    1. I’m totally picky too, that’s why I usually have my sister or husband make them, because we’re all used to arguing with each other. 🙂 It helped that Flip City already had a cover that was almost what I wanted, only the wrong time of day.

      1. Ha @ being used to arguing. I could use someone like that. I tried persuading my brother to learn how to use photoshop, but he wasn’t having any of it! Probably because he anticipated the high level of bossing I would do. 😀

        That’s the way I want it to happen for me. I’m stalking artists and book cover designers on a regular basis now, just hoping they create the perfect cover, and I can just beg for it. You know, rather than having to come up with some notion of a concept myself. Which… no, just no. 😉

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