Last #ROW80 post for Round Three

This round of Row80 has been crazy!  Because my life is crazy!  I’m writing this at 5 in the evening due to the fact that I spent a good chunk of the day making dips and sauces for a party I’m helping to cater on Saturday night.  Why, on the last week of ROW80, on the first week my son is back to school, on the 80th week (it seems) of going to the doctor twice a week, did I agree to cater a party?

Because I like to cook almost as much as I like to write.

I go on and on and complain a good portion of the time about how busy I am and how I’m never going to finish anything, but the truth is, I always manage to fit the important stuff in.  ROW80 has helped me realize that.

I thought this round had been a bit of a fail for me until I sat down and went over my original goals.  I wanted to finish Takeover and get started on the next DoS story.  I wanted to figure out how the DoS series ends.  Done, done and done. Almost. 🙂

Takeover goes to the beta readers tomorrow and will be published by the end of next week.  The next two stories are simmering in my head.  I actually know what’s going to happen for once!

A little further into this round, I added two more goals.  I wanted to write the TV pilot for Glimpse.  I’m halfway there! The last goal I had was to try to write a story all the way through without stopping to edit.  I did all right with this one.  There were some days where I just couldn’t resist going back and fixing things that were bugging me.  I think that’s okay.  It’s progress.  I had the idea that after the story was finished, I’d go through and identify three things in each scene that could be expanded on.  This trick worked out sooooo well.

If your writing is sparse, like mine, and you have a hard time getting to the word count you want a piece to be, you should totally try this.  I added roughly 3,500 words to Takeover in ONE day using this method.  I swear, the words just fell out of my head when I knew exactly what I needed to expand on.  I mean, stupid stuff like, “describe how this character looks and what they’re wearing.”  Dude, need to know kind of stuff that added paragraphs to the whole story.

Some of you might think that’s a huge duh, but I just never stop to describe what people look like half the time.  I mention it once in the span of one sentence and then never again. (I’m still/always learning, okay?)

I’ve got big plans for the little vacation between rounds. (What?  She’s making goals for between the rounds now?) My website is getting an overhaul.  I’m going to be adding glossaries for both DoS and the Zellie books.  I write stories with a bazillion characters and hate to recap.  This is my solution.  They’ll be available on my website and on Smashwords.  There will be the publishing of Takeover.  I want to write a couple more pages on the TV pilot.  I’ve got to prepare my talk for the Rain Boots Required YA Author tour I’m doing in October.  And, the opening scene for the first Ben book has been written in my head for over a week.  I am so stoked for it and need to get it down on computer.

Oy vey. Thanks for reading this ramble.  Ha!  I’ll be back with even more crazetacular goals for the next round.  Be prepared for more bitching and moaning and then for me to be like, “Dude.  I totally did it.”


8 thoughts on “Last #ROW80 post for Round Three

  1. Maybe you want to hear this, maybe you don’t…One of the reasons I love your writing is that you DONT get caught up on all the details and description. I don’t lack for imagery when I read your books. I can totally picture everything in your stories w/out the overkill. That being said, I do exactly the same thing you do!! When I find my chapter a little lacking, I expand a bit and bam! I got words!!

    1. Hey, thanks! Don’t worry, I didn’t get all…he wore an italian silk suit the color of the Black Hills that matched his midnight sky eyes and reflected back the love he felt for her that was beaming from her cerulean orbs like the daytime sky on the 4th of July.
      What I did do was name a character Trent, picture him as looking like Trent Reznor and then never say that he had long black hair and was wearing a dark suit. 🙂 So, I said he had long black hair and was wearing an expensive charcoal gray suit. Words!

  2. Great job on your goals. And if you can’t bitch and moan to fellow participants in ROW80 then who can you bitch and moan to? 🙂 Looking forward to attempting Round 4 with you and good luck on your between Round goals!

  3. Stacey, you’ve done so much! I can’t even imagine how hard it would be to write a TV plot. I don’t think I could ever do that.

    My writing tends to be sparse, too. One of the complaints I get is “I want to know more”. I hate being bogged down with TOO many details when I read, but I really need to add more description. I like your idea on how to do that. Btw, I DO mention that the vampire in my Libby Fox series has violet eyes. LOL

  4. Sounds like you did great! I like your tip for adding more words – I’ll try it next time I’m in a funk. Right now I’m trying to *cut* my word count – shaved off 14,000 words of fluff so far!

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