Let’s hear it for #Row80

Yes, I’m going to see the new Footloose tonight.  My greatest hope is that it’s like Original Footloose and Step-up had a baby.

The only thing I’m conflicted about is that I find both Kevin Bacon and Kenny Wormald attractive.  Do I have enough room in my pop culture heart for two Ren’s?  I’m sure it will depend on how much wine I have with dinner. Pastini’s Summer Sangria certainly improved my overall enjoyment of Daniel Craig in Cowboys and Aliens, so Wormald’s got a chance. (He totally wants my approval.)

ROW80 – Monday – came up with my short story idea for the Death by Chocolate anthology and had a RBR event in the evening. Tuesday – worked on my pen name story for a couple of hours. I cut two paragraphs and wrote another scene, but I haven’t been keeping track of word count because I don’t work on it that often. Wednesday – 345 words on Dissent. Yes, DoS #5 has a title! I’ve yet to come up with a good subtitle. Ass-kicking Lesbian Angels just doesn’t seem like the right fit. 🙂 I might get a few more words in on it today, but the kids are being clingy monkey children at the moment and not letting me concentrate.

I’m hoping to get some work done on the Glimpse pilot tomorrow before doing the second to last RBR stop at the Beaverton Library.

On the marketing front, lowering Glimpse to 99 cents on Amazon and BN seems to have done what I wanted it to – get more people reading the Zellie books!  Glimpse got a nice new review, the first its had in three months, so that’s happy.

Later days…


8 thoughts on “Let’s hear it for #Row80

  1. Footloose? You couldn’t pay me… LOL. But, anything with the word ‘chocolate’ sounds like a sure winner to me! Good luck with your writing for the rest of the week, the clingy monkeys make it extra challenging 😉

    1. Okay, the new Footloose was great! The dancing is way better, but for the most part the story is exactly the same. The only things that really changed is that the tractor race is now a bus race (I’m not sure why they changed it) and there are African American kids in the movie (which makes a lot more sense than the lily white cast from the first one).

      I’ve mentioned the pen name thing just a couple of times. I felt like I should probably say something so that people don’t wonder why it’s taking me forever to write stuff. I’m, like, writing three stories and a script right now. Promise I’m not slacking as much as it seems! 🙂

  2. It does not seem like you’re slacking at all! Just working on the pilot and one story would be enough to keep you occupied. Glad your price experiment worked for you. Good luck with your clingy monkey children. You’re not alone. I blame Oregon fall weather — I know we’re not getting to the park as much.

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