Busy Bee and #ROW80

Such a busy week!  We had three RBR tour stops, our last at A Children’s Place Bookstore yesterday, I saw Footloose, took my kids to the pumpkin patch and ended the week last night at Billy’s bar with pizza and vodka tonics and my Cards kicking some World Series butt.

The YA author tour went so well that we’re planning another one in the spring – with even more local authors!  Cheri Lasota, Cidney Swanson, Craig Hansen and McKenzie McCann will hopefully be joining us next time around. (That’s a lot of C’s, people!! Just noticed that.)

If you’re a YA author and live in the Pacific Northwest, drop me a line at: Pacific Northwest YA Authors and we’ll talk. Going on tour as a group makes the experience a little less daunting.  Plus, we have all kinds of fun – where else are you going to meet people IRL that geek out on e-book formatting and platform building? 🙂

Now that the tour is over and all I have to worry about are birthdays and holidays and cleaning my hole of a house, I’m going to try to write every day.  I’ve got three long short stories to write by the end of the year – one I hope to publish by the end of this month.  So, if you don’t see me around on the interwebs quite as often, you’ll know what I’m doing!

Word Count: I wrote 788 words on Thursday on my story for the Death By Chocolate anthology.  Right now, the story is called Do Over.  I totally hate that title and am sure it will eventually be called something awesome. 🙂

I’m off to write!  Have a splendiferous ( or glorgious as Kait Nolan would say) week!


11 thoughts on “Busy Bee and #ROW80

    1. I really enjoyed it! The dancing is way better than the original, but they stuck to the story pretty well and left in a few of the songs from the first one. It’s not a must see in the theater or anything, but definitely worth watching.

  1. Love your post, although I sit here in my red Ranger’s Tshirt reading it. I’m licking my wounds and hoping for better things on the Series tonight. Dear son threatens to take his bb gun to every red feather he sees next spring – LOL!

    I love the group touring concept. What a great idea! I bet you had a blast!

  2. Har, har, Stace. Did you see Cheryl’s post over at our Death by Chocolate site? “Death by Title.” You’re not alone! Good on you for getting a start on your story. I have a couple thousand words, I think. Some of it is going towards the novel length version and some to the condensed novella. The shorter piece will most likely have an alternate ending. TBD.

  3. Love the update. Sorry I didn’t pop by on Sunday. I didn’t know enough to access the Linky Tools through the ROW blog. Sigh!

    Anyhoo, keep up the good work.


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