Quick like bunny #ROW80

Quick update today: I’ve been working on my pen name story feverishly since Sunday and have added almost 4K to it. I’m in the middle of writing the last scene and  I have to go back and make another scene longer.  Then, that puppy is done! I haven’t worked on anything else, but as soon as this one is finished, I’m going to attack my Death By Chocolate story and Dissent.  The TV pilot is on hold for now and that’s fine.  I’ve been getting in writing every day and that’s what’s most important.


Check ya later, taters.

7 thoughts on “Quick like bunny #ROW80

  1. Wow! Now that’s inspiring! I’m frustrated, though, because I want to know what this pen name is and where I’ll be able to find what you’ve been working on. Maybe if I email you, you’ll give me the scoop. 🙂

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