DoS Characters and Terms

Characters are listed in order of appearance.  Some characters, such as the core members of the rebellion  – Flora, Julian, Fauna, Clark, Abel, Cara, Alexander, Damian, Liesel, Meagan, Hilde and Presley – are reoccurring.

The terms are all listed at the end.

Flora Hamilton – A party girl who is her family’s sacrifice to The Gods. She is a witch and skilled in using fire. She can also conjure some pretty rad outfits.

Maggie – Flora’s Guardian Angel who bails on her in her time of need.

Julian – Respected Guardian Angel.  He has been a Guardian since dying in The War between Supernaturals and humans. Julian was a witch prior to becoming a Guardian, which is not the usual way.

Aiden Grant – The Grant family’s latest Sacrifice.  He is Julian’s charge and Flora’s best friend.  He’s in love with Flora.

Fauna Hamilton – Flora’s twin sister. She is loyal and logical.  Fauna is a witch and is skilled in using water. She can also conjure food.

Clark Benning – Fauna’s boyfriend.  All around good guy.  He is a witch and uses water like Fauna.

Michael Hamilton – Flora and Fauna’s father. Rich and powerful witch. Not a nice guy.

The Gods – There are three female and three male Gods. (Early copies of Takeover say that there are four Gods, editing oops on my part, sorry.)  The Gods are greedy, selfish and all-powerful.

Cara Grant – Aiden Grant’s mother and Julian’s friend.  She is a witch and skilled at potion-making, healing and using air.

Alexander Callahan – Witch who was changed into a vampire. Former Sacrifice.  Can only be killed by another vampire.  General smart-ass.  His skill as a witch is using earth.

Abel – Alexander’s Guardian. Formerly a human chemist who developed biological weapons to use against Supernaturals in The War.

Damian – 20-year-old shapeshifter.  His family’s Sacrifice.  Frequently hung over. Protective. Saved from the flamethrower ambush at the beginning of Rebellion by Hilde, his neighbor.

Karsten – Damian’s Guardian.  His body was killed during the ambush, his soul offered up to the earth in the mass burial.

Meagan – Werewolf and her family’s Sacrifice. She’s the youngest member of the rebellion at 17.

Liesel – Meagan’s Guardian. Overprotective and motherly.

Hilde – Shy, very talented witch and her family’s Sacrifice. She is much like Cara, skilled in potion-making, healing and using air. Hilde would do anything for Damian.

Presley – Hilde’s Guardian.  Presley is unselfish, courageous and by-the-book.

Robert Fitzgerald – The head of the Fitzgerald family.  Put a hit on Flora.  Good friends with Flora’s father. In cahoots with Bartholomew. Creator of a black magic amulet that protects the wearer from death. One of the Big Bad’s of the series.

Bartholomew – Head of the Guardian Angels. Power hungry and arrogant.  Will do almost anything to please The Gods.  Big Bad #2.

Edgar Grant – Cara’s husband and Aiden’s father.  He is friends with Michael Hamilton and Robert Fitzgerald.  He is a favor-hungry adulterer.

Mark Beechum – A farmer that lives in the Outer Territory with his family. After Julian and crew save him from losing his soul, he and other humans stay on at the compound to help rebuild the farmhouse roof and join the rebellion.

Other Fauna and Other Clark – Fauna and Clark meet themselves in a bar in the city after Aiden Grant’s Day of Sacrifice.

Gregor – Alexander’s ill-fated maker.

Gabriel– The Gods angelic errand boy and butler.

Trent – The vampire liaison to The Gods.  Right hand man to The Ancient Ones. Snappy dresser. Binge drinker.

Faux Alex – A shapeshifter employed by Trent that takes on Alexander’s form in order to convince Meagan to do a Very Bad Thing.

The Ancient Ones – The first vampires created by The Gods.  They can tolerate sunlight.

The Outer Territory – A sparely populated area where outcasts from the city go to hide.  Where Julian grew up and his family farmhouse resides.

The Prophecy – Your second born daughter, Flora, is going to be a powerful witch.  On her twenty-first birthday, she will join with another fire user.  Together they
will possess enough strong magic to lead a rebellion against the Gods and end
the practice of sacrificing the firstborn child.

The compound– The farmhouse and its warded surroundings are sometimes referred to as this.

The amulet – Two amulets were created by Robert Fitzgerald, both using a black magic spell.  Edgar Grant loses his amulet when he is decapitated and Abel takes possession of it. Fitzgerald alters his so that he doesn’t meet the same end.

The antidote – Clark and Fauna are injected with a potion by Bartholomew’s men. The potion contains Aiden Grant’s sacrificial blood.  The antidote is the blood of the person that made the potion, in this case, Robert Fitzgerald.

The letter – One version of Fauna finds a letter written by her mother just prior to her death.  The letter names Michael Hamilton and Robert Fitzgerald as accomplices in her death. The late Mrs. Hamilton was against switching Flora and Fauna’s roles as the Sacrifice in order to avoid the prophecy.

*****Spoiler Warning*****

If you don’t want to know who pairs up, stop reading now!!


Flora and Julian

Fauna and Clark

Cara and Abel

Meagan and Alexander

Hilde and Damian

Liesel and Presley


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