Free Reads

Day of Sacrifice has been free from time to time.  It appears in the anthology Dark Tomorrows and has been excerpted on Zombiepalooza.  So, I thought I’d let you all read it for free on here too.

Day of Sacrifice


If You Leave is a short story that I wrote for the paranormal romance anthology, Kiss Me, Kill Me.  It is set in Zellie’s world.

If You Leave

This is a bit of back story that was cut from Glimpse about Zellie’s mom and Avery’s dad when they were teenagers.



2 thoughts on “Free Reads

  1. Aww it’s so nice to see a bit of how Zellies mum and Avery’s dad were, helps to understand them in the books a lot better! Great writing as always!

    1. Love the free reads! Thank you. I adore the Zellie trilogy and any other little side or back stories directly about them or in their world i can get I will gladly take!

      I think this is such a fresh take in the YA paranormal genre and I love it. Keep writing this unique literature.

      See you on Goodreads!

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