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Have you heard?

I often wonder if you readers that aren’t writers give a crap when we post stuff about sales and writing and the process.  It’s the beginning of a new month and this is when those types of posts abound.  November was good for a lot of us indies, at whatever point on the writing journey we’re on.  I’ve decided to trust that my sales will increase every month as long as I keep putting out new work.

After I took the kids to a hellish Christmas photo session at JC Penney’s yesterday, my mom was nice enough to keep them for the afternoon so I could get some writing done.  I ended up writing about 3,000 words on Rebellion, to my great relief.  There is a story to be told!  For awhile there I was worried.

So, don’t know if you all heard, but I’ve got a contest going on over at my Facebook fan page.  From a week ago until Dec. 13th, the person who gets the most people to “like” my fan page can either choose one of my books or to have their name in Glow.  As of today, two people have added the page.  Contest fail.  Well, Facebook fan page name fail to begin with.  (And I repeat, I got some bad intel and didn’t know you couldn’t change the name of the fan page!!!!)  Anyways, if you are on Facebook, won’t you add my page and tell your readerly friends?  There’s a book or Glow recognition in it for you. 🙂

Whatcha reading?  Right now I’m reading Torn by Amanda Hocking and then after that I’m going to read Thirst by Claire Farrell.  I am also STILL reading The Passage. (I hope to finish it by January for crying out loud!!)

This Wednesday’s Glee Good Cry of the week is sponsored by Dirty Dancing and my 13-year-old self.  Enjoy!


2 giveaways and 15 authors walk into a bar

First things first, I have a couple of giveaways to announce. 

Over at Book Noise, I did an interview with Jennifer and there’s a nice giveaway attached. 

I also have a Glimmer giveaway going on at Goodreads. 🙂

Now for the meat of the post!  On Monday, Susan Bischoff posted her list of 15 authors that have been influential to her.  You may have seen the meme going around Facebook.  I put off doing it on there so that I could use it as a blog post just like Susan did.  Ha!  It isn’t easy to come up with things to say three times a week, I’ll tell you what.

You’re supposed to list the authors in a short amount of time, so here goes:

1. Katherine Dunn- I like her because her settings are in Missouri and Oregon and California-all places I’ve lived for an extended period of time.  Her writing style is also pretty experimental and I like that she does what she wants.

2. Diana Gabaldon- I credit her for getting me into reading romance.  Yes, there’s A LOT of adventure in her books, but romance is the core.

3. Tim Sandlin-He makes me laugh and his characters are genuine.

4. David Sedaris-Hearing him on NPR always cracked me up.  I made up a little rule for myself because of him:  If you’ve reached thirty and you’ve had 56 dead-end jobs, that probably means you were meant to be a writer.

5. Augusten Burroughs-Another funny guy.  I appreciate that he puts it all out there.

6. Jennifer Weiner-Love her stories.  Honestly, I like her books because the heroines are fat.

7. Stephenie Meyer-Whatever.  The lady can tell an engrossing story.  I whizzed through the Twilight books and was sad when they were over.

8. V.C. Andrews-This is what passed for YA when I was a YA.  Also why I don’t worry too much about putting sex in the books.  I read V.C. when I was 10-11 and totally knew what was going on.  Kids are not dumb.

9. Zoe Winters-Love her work!  She also spurred me on to become an indie, for which I’m eternally grateful.

10. Audrey Niffenegger-Not a writer first and then she wrote Time Traveler’s wife?  Creative people can be creative at more than one thing.

11.Elinor Lipman-Good storytelling plain and simple.

12. Shel Siverstein-I used to have all his poems memorized.  I could probably still recite a few today.

13. Barbara Kingsolver-I love all her books, but the Poisonwood Bible is one of my all time favorites.  I admire the research.  I hate to do research!

14. J.K. Rowling-Duh.

15. Amanda Hocking-She hasn’t put out a book I didn’t like yet and she’s put out a ton of books this year! 

*Kurt Vonnegut.

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I’m off to volunteer at the boys preschool again.  Fun times!

I gotta get out of this place

This week has been weird and I blogged on different days than I usually do and bitched more than I usually do and I’m glad it’s the weekend!  I’m going to the beach with my girlfriends for our annual “get away from your family” weekend.  There will be outlet shopping, beer drinking, Cool Ranch Dorito eating, and lots of super professional dancing. 🙂

So, just a couple of quick things:  Today is the last day to enter for the chance to win Glimpse, Glimmer, and Day of Sacrifice at Amanda Hocking’s blog.  Go here and sign up you all!

Read a great new review of Glimmer at Book Noise 411 and stay tuned for a giveaway there!

I’m gearing up for an awesome post on Monday, but I need to let it ruminate over the weekend.  Hope you all have a good one.

Theoretical theories by theorists

I’m posting today, because the theory is that once the clock strikes midnight tonight, it’s NaNo time and I will not have a spare second to blog again!  This theory is most likely untrue as I suspect I’m not taking NaNo quite as seriously as some.  I’m writing short stories for one thing, one of which I’ve already started, so not writing a novel and starting in October are two strikes against me winning anything.  That’s not why I’m doing it anyways.  Sometimes it’s  fun to get fired up about something just for the hell of it.  I mean, I’m also kinda fired up about The Ducks ’cause I went to U of O, but it’s not like I even like football. 

Another theory that I was testing has proven not to work in my case.  Glimpse has 21 reviews right now, but has not made it into the Hot New Releases categories on Amazon or broken into the 1,000 and under rankings.  It’s hovering in the 2,000’s and selling like hotcakes, so I’m not at all disappointed about the theory not working. I reckon that Glimpse is too old (it came out in April) to be a Hot New Release.  Glimmer, that’s another story.  Here’s where I jack up the theory further: Glimmer has no reviews on Amazon.  Glimmer is on like, five, Hot New Releases lists.  Also selling quite well…and if you buy Glimmer and then realize you haven’t read Glimpse, you gotta buy it too.  Happy dances all around, I couldn’t be more pleased!

I’ve shut down the event at Goodreads because I gave out the codes to 36 people and I’d said to myself that I would stop at 35.  If you didn’t get in while the gettin’ was good, you still have until November 5th to win all three of my books at Zombiepalooza.

Everyone have a safe and fun Halloween!  Eat too much candy, it’s the last time you have a good excuse until December.

Giveaways, myths, toddlers with scissors, and orange frosting.

Good morning!  First and foremost, after you’ve read what’s going on here, head on over to Zombiepalooza.  I’m the guest blogger today and I’m doing a big ol’ giveaway.  All you have to do is comment and you’re entered to win!  The giveaway runs through November 5th. I’m giving away copies of all three of my books!

Another awesome giveaway to check out is happening at Susan Bischoff’s blog.  Susan sold 1,000 copies of Hush Money, so she’s giving away a signed copy.  Again, all you have to do is comment!  (We try to make this easy on you all.)  Susan also talks about how she thinks she came to sell those 1,000 copies in just 12 weeks.  Part of that is the mythical 20 reviews.  Legend has it that when you reach 20 reviews, Amazon starts paying attention to you and will possibly list you in “Hot New Releases” and this kicks up your sales.  Okay, you all, you know I don’t like begging, but Glimpse has 18 reviews.  Can you help a girl out?  If you read Glimpse and liked it, could you please write a short review on Amazon?  Three sentences will do!  Click here to go right to the Glimpse page.  And if it behooves you, throw that review up on Barnes and Noble as well.  Click here to get to the Barnes and Noble Glimpse page.

Did you all listen to the Indie Book Collective ladies on blog radio last night?  I missed the first 15 minutes, but caught the rest of it.  I called in for a bit at the end and tried very hard to listen to all the good advice they were giving me, but the girl decided while Mommy was on the phone was a perfect time to stand on a rotating office chair with scissors in one hand and Sharpie in the other and bang on my keyboard.  Still, I think I got most of it.  Basically, they were giving me good ideas on how not to fail at Twitter like I have been.  If you would like to listen to an archive of the show, here’s the link.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!  I’m helping with the Harvest Party at the boy’s preschool today.  Wish me luck!  Thirteen 3-4-year-olds hopped up on orange frosting should be interesting.

Attack of the killer trees

It has been a day.  I’m currently taking a little medicinal wine 🙂 and enjoying the sound of my dryer and nothing else.  My kids and I all have allergies and the pollen is killing us.  We’re all cranky and snotty and in need of a desert climate.   Despite having the seasonal ick, I managed to get a lot done today.  I put Day of Sacrifice up on Smashwords, Amazon, and Pubit (Barnes and Noble) and it is for sale at Smashwords.  It is currently publishing on Amazon and Pubit and I hope to have it for sale on those sites by Monday.  I don’t know if it will take that long, but it seems to take a bit longer when you publish something over the weekend.

Glimpse is selling even better at $2.99 than it did at the lower price.  I honestly don’t know what is up with that.  I did add some more categories to it the last time I published it, so maybe I’m reaching more readers?  Still haven’t sold a copy at Amazon UK.  Grr.  Now that DoS is done, I’m ready to dive into Glimmer and get it ready to publish.  I think I’ll take the weekend off and start in on that on Monday.  I bought Hollowland, Amanda Hocking’s zombie novel, a couple of days ago and I think it will be perfect weekend reading.  I’m also reading The Passage and starting to get into that.  Doesn’t that sound like a great way to spend a Fall weekend?  Indoors, away from the pollen, reading?  Now if only the children would cooperate…


The interview I did with Scott over at Indie Books Blog can be found here.  He posts a new interview with an indie author almost every day.  Definitely worth a look-see.

The much-anticipated 4th novel in the My Blood Approves series by fellow indie Amanda Hocking was released yesterday.  Amanda kicked all the ass there was to kick and Wisdom made it to #26 OVERALL in the Amazon rankings.  Many applause and PBR’s for Amanda!

I just finished the third book (like 10 minutes ago) in the Jason and Azazel Trilogy, Tortured, by V.J. Chambers.  Everything was wrapped up nicely, but left room for more if she wanted to write more.  I believe she is writing another J and A trilogy and working on the first book, Stillness, right now.  Goody goody gumdrops for me!

Okay, I’m off to read Mockingjay and neglect my children.

Links of the non sausage variety

In the blog carnival Why I’m Indie comments, author J.A. Marlow said that, “As a reader, this is as great of a time as it is for writers.”  I couldn’t agree more!  You all, read an indie writer, you will not be disappointed.  In fact, a good place to start is with all of the writers who participated in Chris Kelly’s blog carnival-you can read about them and then read their work.  Easy peasy!

Also, I started V.J. Chambers Breathless last night and let me tell you, if I could have sent you all telepathic “read this” vibes from my cozy place in bed, I would have.  Instead, I had to wait until this morning.  She’s a YA author and she has several books out.  And I’m a gonna have to buy all of them.  So good!

My friend (in my head) Amanda Hocking, has a new book coming out on Monday or thereabouts-it’s a little hit or miss with Amazon, kinda hard to plan these things.  The book is Wisdom, the 4th installment in her My Blood Approves series.  I heart her books a lot a lot.

That is all I’ve got for you this morning.  I’m off to read and enjoy my Oregon cloudiness that has returned.  Have a great rest of the weekend!