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Just a couple of funny tidbits to add this evening:

I got home from doing King Midas tonight (we rocked it) and found this delightful video on my Goodreads page.  I know I talk about Zoe Winters all the time on here, but the chick cracks me up and she’s a good writer and one of the people who inspired me to go indie.  She did this video that I found hilarious, especially the part about the query letter.  Here’s the vid:

I have a strong desire to make one of these videos now.  Perhaps I’ll use the dialogue Sarah and I had on FB chat this morning while playing the Scrabble-we were having two conversations at the same time, one about some crazy chick from Sarah’s high school posting a picture of an actual dead body on her FB page, the other about my sister’s friend Colleen meeting Kathy Griffin in Las Vegas and giving her one of my sister’s Levi Johnston Playgirl photo shoot lino cuts.  That would make for one kick ass vid, don’t you think?

Another thing I wanted to tell you all about is Switched by Amanda Hocking.  Switched is the first novel in a new YA trilogy and I am hooked already.  It was released as an e-book yesterday, I bought it for my kindle yesterday afternoon for only $2.99, and finished it this morning.  If you’re in the mood for a quick paranormal romance YA novel, check it out, you won’t be disappointed.  I daresay I liked it better than her My Blood Approves series and I’m a huge fan of those books!

Caitlin from Written Word Review posted her interview with me today.  She asked some pretty great questions.  Take a look at it if you get a chance-I actively try not to give the same answers to similar questions in every interview, so you might actually learn something new about me if ya want to. 🙂

Also on the review front-over at Page Turner’s Blog they’ve let me know that they’ll be posting a review of Glimpse sometime later this week, keep yer peepers open for that.

On a final note, if you notice my temper being quite short this week, don’t fret, I stopped eating carbs again.  I saw a picture of myself taken over the weekend and I was like, “Who is that fat ass?  OMG.”  Let’s just say that some changes need to be made.  Currently, I’m noshing on pickles and celery schmeared with blue cheese-it’s good, but you know I wish it was a hot fudge sundae. 🙂