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Glimpse/Glimmer Giveaway and other things that start with G

Today the Glimpse tour continues at Books Complete Me.  There’s a fun interview for your perusal and a giveaway!  I’m giving away e-copies of Glimpse and Glimmer at each stop on the tour and one set of paperbacks overall.  The giveaway is international, so if you live in Japan or something and want print copies of my books, you should enter!

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day!  My sister had her baby late yesterday morning and I’m now an aunt for the third time!  My new niece is beyond adorable and I just want to give her a billion kisses.  It’s ridiculous. 🙂

Wish me luck braving the Ke$ha concert tonight.  I’m going to be the second oldest person there, I’m sure of it.


Blinded by my site

Most of the time I feel like I’m still fifteen, I think that’s why I like writing YA.  However, let me tell ya, the mind and heart might be young, but your body will betray you.  I’m feeling super old this evening.  For one thing, it’s 10 o’clock on a Saturday night and I’m writing blog posts and redesigning my website.  So, that makes me wicked cool to begin with.  Wanna know why I was redesigning my website for the 5th time?  It hurt my eyes.  My last design attempt was meant to make it look younger, darker,and to hopefully appeal to teens.  I found though, every time I went to make changes on it, my vision would blur.  Therefore, I have banished the emo black background with light gray type and gone back to white with black type.  I can see again!  I also made all the fonts bigger while I was at it.  Please check it out and let me know what you think. I would be especially interested to know if you find it geriatric. 🙂

I’m having a fabulous weekend, enjoying my out-of-town guests and good dinners and fine weather.  What I’m not enjoying is this discussion on self-publishing over at Smart Bitches.  People are mean, when frankly, they don’t have to be.  Props to Robin and Moriah Jovan (Missouri in the house!) and others for defending indie honor.  I would comment, but I get too flustered over stuff like this and just want to call people asshats and tell them to eff off. I can’t stop reading other people’s comments though, you know how I love me a good showdown.

Not much else to share with you all this evening, I hope you’re having a fab weekend too doing whatever you’re doing.