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Everybody wins!

The winners of the Portal Kindle Kisses contest are: Grace Clark, Jennifer (Book Noise), Jessica Subject, Lauralynn Elliott, Jessica Armenta, Keri Michelle Wiley, and Ashlynn Monroe.  I’ve just now sent the books out ladies, so look for them in your e-mail boxes!

I’m sure that it is probably snowing like a mutha where some of you live.  Since I live in the Pacific Northwest, it is raining like one.  And…I have a flat roof house.  Our roof is leaking in several different places and the hubs is at work, so it’s up to me to go rid the roof of its swimming pool effect.  Have I mentioned that I’ve actually fallen off the roof before?  Into a pile of holly bush clippings?  I hoping there will not be a repeat accident this morning.

The last time the roof leaked this much was two years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter.  We’d had a blizzard and there was 2 feet of melting snow on the roof.  Water was coming in through all the overhead light fixtures.  The only upside was when my water broke on Dec. 27th, there were towels on the floor already, so I didn’t ruin any of the Pergo. 🙂

Wish me luck! I kinda feel like a Pioneer woman about the whole deal.


Writing weather

It’s Memorial Day weekend, but here in Oregon, it might as well be Halloween.  Rainy, chilly, and cloudy.  In other words, good writing weather.  Now, despite living in Oregon, I’m not much of an outdoorsy girl and not one to get bummed out like so many that are outdoorsy around these parts, when the rain comes down and the sun doesn’t shine for a week.  In L.A. we called it June gloom and really, same thing applies here.  Oregon summer is July-September.

Fine by me.  I have been doing so much Glimpse marketing this week that I’ve only worked on *Glimmer* in 200 word snippets.  I’m 1,200 from 30K and my goal is to get that done today come hell or my children using me as a jungle gym.  (It’s days like these that Cars and Toy Story were invented for.)  It took me a good half an hour of ceiling staring this morning to figure out what should happen next.  I have my plotting written down, but what’s supposed to come next is coming too soon, so I needed to add another chapter of, well, for the lack of a better word, filler. Not that filler has to be boring or useless.  I’m going to concentrate more than I thought I was on Claire’s knowledge of Ben and Zellie’s developing relationship.  That way, when the BAM!  POW! occurs Claire can have more involvement.

I submitted reviews to several YA blogs and Romance websites.  Here’s hoping some of them will review Glimpse.  I can honestly say that I have no idea what any of the bloggers will think of it-whether its being self-published helps, hurts, or is a factor at all.  So far, only friends and family have rated it and they’ve all given positive reviews.  I’d love to believe they all loved it, but that, of course, is all wrapped up in them loving me. 🙂

Okay, enough jibber-jabbering and postulating.  Gotta crank up the Taylor Swift and Pixies (Zel and Claire respectively) and get to busting out 1,200 words.