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Rebellion sneak peek and cover reveal!

It’s #SampleSunday, so I thought I’d share a bit of Rebellion with you all and show you what the cover looks like.  Enjoy!



The Outer Territory



Cara fastened the hook on the roll she stored vials of all her potions in.  She felt a mild sadness over having to leave her potion kegs behind, but her desire to get the hell out of the oppressive home she’d lived in for the past twenty-two years punched that sadness down in her gut.  She slipped the roll into her black leather backpack and turned the light off in the pantry.

Tiptoeing through the kitchen toward the front door, she glanced at her husband’s sleeping form drooped over the edges of his recliner in the den. The hour before she’d slipped him a memory potion, although she’d considered giving him something a little more lethal.  When he awoke, Edgar Grant would realize that his wife was gone, but wouldn’t be able to recollect much of the arranged marriage both of their parents had forced them into at eighteen or the years of misery that followed.  More importantly to Cara, he would only have vague memories of their son Aiden.  Cara was taking the real, the important memories, with her.

Aiden had been the single happiness of her life and in the two days since his Day of Sacrifice she’d never felt more alone. She’d stood in Aiden’s room for hours, just staring at silly things: his electric guitar that he’d never learned to play, the hood of his gray sweatshirt with the hole in the left elbow peeking out from underneath his bed, the digital alarm clock on his bedside table, its numbers taunting her.  Aiden didn’t have any more time and she had nothing but a long expanse of time to suffer through before she would see her boy again in the afterlife.

When Clark Benning had knocked on her front door this morning, Cara was considering if she was brave enough to end her own life. The loneliness was becoming unbearable. But then Clark spoke of a prophecy and told her she was on “the list.”  She’d agreed to go before he’d even finished talking.  A chance to be useful.  A chance to end the Day of Sacrifice ritual that had taken her son.  With Clark’s words, a sliver of hope had winnowed its way into her heart.

Cara slung her backpack over her shoulder, opened the front door and stepped out onto the landing, never looking back.

“Julian wants you to stay close to me,” Abel said, leaning down to whisper into the ear of the petite redhead on his right.

She shied away from his voice and then looked up, cautiously. He knew he struck an imposing figure, especially to someone as short as Cara Grant.  He compensated, hunching his shoulders a bit, smiling when he felt Cara pull herself up to her full height. They both turned their gazes to the ritual stone as Flora Hamilton’s Day of Sacrifice procession entered the city square.  Cara inched closer to him and then spoke out the corner of her mouth, “Your charge doesn’t need you?”

The Guardian grinned, his eyes still facing forward. “Alexander can take care of himself. You stick with me and I’ll make sure we get to our destination safely.”  He turned then, ever so slightly and extended his hand. “I’m Abel.”

She shook his hand. “Cara Grant.  No, sorry.  Cara Davenport.”  She blushed at her blunder, her freckled face turning a pleasant pink. 

He simply nodded. Cara could call herself whatever she wanted, all he knew was that Julian had put him in charge of her safety because she was a healer and essential to their purpose.

“I do believe you’ll keep me safe.” She smiled up at him, her blue eyes rimmed red as though she’d been crying for days, grew bright with anticipation.

“I’ll do my best.” He pulled his shoulders back and faced forward. Reaching down, he felt for her hand, unsure if the gesture was appropriate.

She intertwined her fingers with his and took a deep breath. “Show’s about to start.”


Lord, I was born a ramblin’ man

I’ve just finished a truly satisfying four-hour block of writing.  Rebellion is back on track now after I pretty much deleted everything but the first paragraph.  Sometimes that’s what you gotta do.

It’s a little different from DoS because I have so many additional characters and I have to set up the other five stories that are going to follow it.  I think DoS had more of a stand alone feel and Rebellion and the other stories are going to be more of a serial.  This is something new for me really, even though I’m used to writing series, these works are shorter and have to be a continuation of the previous more so than a new installment.  Well, either that, or I’m making up arbitrary rules for myself to follow, which would not be new. 🙂  I guess that what I’m trying to say is that when you read all of these short stories together I want it to feel like your reading one book with each “chapter” written from two different character points of view.  It’s an experiment and I’m an indie, so yay for me! Ha!

In case you’re wondering, the boy had a lovely 4th birthday yesterday.  Our house is overrun with toys and I have to somehow figure out how to get the playroom under control before Christmas and his sister’s birthday hits.  Perhaps there will just be this perpetual kid clutter until they are in middle school?  What say you, experienced parents of the world?  Am I doomed to deal with stepping on toys for the next 10 years?

I also got my daughter’s room done and it looks fab.  Too bad she won’t sleep in her big girl bed.  Mama fail #5,098.  We’re going to try again tonight, but she might just have to fall asleep on the couch and be transported until she’s ready to deal.  She’s quite a sassafras and we really can’t get her to do anything she doesn’t want to do.  Thank God she’s cute, or it would be the most frustrating thing ever.

Mom just called and it seems my child-free/writing day has come to an end.  Time to go pick up the kids and get some El Pollo Loco for dinner.  Double yay for not having to cook dinner tonight!  I’ll talk at you all again on Wednesday.  Have a smashing week!

Oh, I almost forgot!  My Glimmer giveaway on Goodreads (I love my “g’s”) started yesterday.  You can check it out here.

A cry for help?

I got my proof of Glimmer today and I must say it looks fabulous! You can buy the paperback here. We did a little something different with Glimmer and actually put stuff on the back cover this time…like a real book.  Hey, it’s a learning curve.  I didn’t know any of the awesome indies that I know now when I put out Glimpse, so I didn’t have anyone to tell me that it needed a blurb on the back, nor did I have anyone to blab a blurb on the back.  You do better when you know better.  Something that I didn’t learn not to do after releasing Glimpse into the wild was to avoid posting dorky pics of myself with my books.  Behold, a couple of shots from the Glimmer photo shoot.  And, yes, that is a salad dressing stain on my sweatshirt.

This time I took the pictures in my kitchen because I still haven’t changed the burnt out lightbulbs in my office (going on 3 months now) and the glare from the flash was obscuring the title on the book.

Here I am pretending to be shocked at meeting myself under such strange circumstances.

And those are the two best pictures.  Yup.

Today was the first day of NaNoWriMo and so far so good.  I managed to get a bit over the word count I was aiming for and I know what I’m going to write tomorrow.  I think you all are going to like Cara and Abel just as much as Flora and Julian.  Lots of good majicky stuff happening.  The first thing I have to do tomorrow is get all the characters for the series figured out and name them.  Actually, I could use a little help with this.  So far I have Guardians-Abel, Caroline, and Reginald and Sacrifices-Alex (vamp), Meagan (werewolf), and Damian ( shape shifter).  I need 9 more Guardian and 9 more Sacrifice names.  Post some in the comments if you feel so inclined.

Now I’m off to put the kids to bed and eat their Halloween candy while they sleep.  Good times.