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Blinded by my site

Most of the time I feel like I’m still fifteen, I think that’s why I like writing YA.  However, let me tell ya, the mind and heart might be young, but your body will betray you.  I’m feeling super old this evening.  For one thing, it’s 10 o’clock on a Saturday night and I’m writing blog posts and redesigning my website.  So, that makes me wicked cool to begin with.  Wanna know why I was redesigning my website for the 5th time?  It hurt my eyes.  My last design attempt was meant to make it look younger, darker,and to hopefully appeal to teens.  I found though, every time I went to make changes on it, my vision would blur.  Therefore, I have banished the emo black background with light gray type and gone back to white with black type.  I can see again!  I also made all the fonts bigger while I was at it.  Please check it out and let me know what you think. I would be especially interested to know if you find it geriatric. 🙂

I’m having a fabulous weekend, enjoying my out-of-town guests and good dinners and fine weather.  What I’m not enjoying is this discussion on self-publishing over at Smart Bitches.  People are mean, when frankly, they don’t have to be.  Props to Robin and Moriah Jovan (Missouri in the house!) and others for defending indie honor.  I would comment, but I get too flustered over stuff like this and just want to call people asshats and tell them to eff off. I can’t stop reading other people’s comments though, you know how I love me a good showdown.

Not much else to share with you all this evening, I hope you’re having a fab weekend too doing whatever you’re doing.


Practicing the art of dilly-dallying

I have a huge list of things I have to do today and I’m going to do two of them.  Eff it.  I have had an extremely productive week, both at home, sales-wise, and at play rehearsal.  I need a break.  Even more than that, I need to just be lazy and do nothing.  Perhaps I’ll finish the almost good free romance on my kindle or watch my backlog of SYTYCD.  Who knows.  I already went grocery shopping when I didn’t want to-thus why I ended up with a lot of gourmet cheese, bacon, olives, and microwave taquitos.  King Midas starts tomorrow, so I have to repaint some of the props gold this afternoon, but then that’s it.

We have friends visiting from out-of-town tomorrow, a couple of which have never seen our house.  The way I was looking at it was that their first experience would be seeing my house dirty, but then I realized they don’t have my clean house to compare it to, so maybe they won’t notice that I didn’t vacuum.

This was my first week back at being a SAHM without my husband also here.  He started a new job on Tuesday.  That’s an adjustment.  I also don’t have my transcription reports hanging over my head calling to me to finish them, so that free’s up a bit more time.  I wrote a lot this week.  A lot for me.  Another entire chapter on Glimmer and a really cracking start on my PNR.  I also sold more books this week than I did all of last month.  The marketing that I’ve been working hard on is starting to pay off, the feeling that I’m scrambling is starting to dissipate.  Even the play, as much as it needs 5 more rehearsals, it will be over in 6 performances.  I’ve done all I can to make it the best I can, now it’s up to the actors to do their job.

Yeah, so today, I’m going to dilly-dally, perhaps I’ll even putz and be lackadaisical.  I think I’ve earned it.


This morning I woke up from a dream with the word reciprocity in my head.  I’d been saying it over and over to someone, trying to make a point about I don’t know what.  I guess my subconscious thinks I’m holding up my end of the bargain and in some instances, others are not.

Several things pissed me off yesterday.  The first being the kitchen design center at IKEA. They claim it’s so easy and efficient.  I beg to differ. I went in with a drawing of my kitchen done on the computer by my contractor hoping to order cabinets and countertops and left cursing all things Swedish.  No one helped me, they just told me to go to a computer and make up a drawing of my kitchen.  Well, I already had one in my hand and a list of the cabinets I wanted and what sizes they were supposed to be.  No one cared.  So, I sat there, fuming at the stupid computer while I redid the drawing I already had.  After two hours of that, I was ready to go home and am seriously considering not getting my cabinets from IKEA.  Thanks for nothing!  Apparently, you don’t want to actually make any money or you’d think someone would have just helped me out instead of informing me that they had classes that taught you how to use their computer programs on the weekend. 

Then I went to play practice and I guess everyone thinks the call time of 7 is a loose guideline.  No one showed up at 7, and only a few had arrived by 7:15.  Then the kid playing Bacchus, who didn’t show up to practice at all last Thursday because he decided to go to Toyr-R-Us instead, informed me that his sister, who has a large role, was at volleyball practice and wasn’t going to be there.  Didn’t I get her message?  Well, yeah, there was a message on my phone that I had missed because it was on vibrate.  She had called me at 7 while I was busy schlepping the set from my car into the practice room.  My acting teacher from Columbia would’ve chewed me out if I hadn’t been at rehearsal and ready to go at 6:50, I’m just sayin’.

After that fiasco, I come home to 50 e-mails about some writers not voting for other writers on these lists we do to promote our books, even though everyone is supposed to vote for everyone.  That’s the entire purpose of the group.  So, for all of you fuckwits that joined the group and got me and all of the other honest writers to vote for you and then bailed, I hope karma kicks your ass from here to the moon.

When did people begin not caring if their word was good or not?  I mean, probably forever ago, but I have enough of it going on in my life that I actually had a dream about it.  What a shame.


I’m seriously crazy for series, trilogies, quadrilogies, what have you.  I’ll read a stand-alone every once in a while, but when I get to the end I’m usually a little pissed that there’s not another book I have to wait 3 months to 2 years for.  Not that I love the waiting, but if I get emotionally invested in characters I want to know that they’re still out there doing something.  Even when I catch on to a series after all the books have been written, the sheer pleasure of tearing through them knowing that there will be a next one until there sadly isn’t, is addictive to me.

When I started the Outlander series over Christmas, my reading habit got so bad that I could have been accused of neglecting my children. Sure, they were fed and clothed and kissed goodnight, but there was no way mommy was gonna play trains when she had to know what was next for Jamie and Claire-not to mention Roger who I totally have a crush on.  When I read the Twilight series in a week, I became adept at feeding my daughter a bottle and reading at the same time.  I’ve been a slightly better parent during House of Night, Vampire Academy, and Strange Angels. Harry Potter ended when my first child was still a baby, so I just stayed up all night and alternated readings and feedings. 

I’m thinking about series because my friend Rebecca, who I’ve known since I was 6 if you can believe it, recommended The Hunger Games to me.  She had just finished reading the first two and thought I would like them, although she suggested that I might want to wait until August when the third book comes out and then devour them all in one huge gulp.  I considered doing that for about 10 minutes before I downloaded the first book.  That was a day ago and I’ll probably have moved on to the next book by tomorrow.  So good.  I ‘m sure I’ll be kicking myself until August, but I do believe the next Vampire Academy comes out in May, and Strange Angels in July.  Hopefully, P.C and Kristin Cast can help a mutha out and release the next House of Night in June.

As far as the series that I’m writing goes, I wrote dialogue for *Glimmer* like a mad woman yesterday, so I’ll go back through and fill in the background today.  Some interesting transactions with chili fries, to be exact.   MMM, chili fries.  Must go.

Trampled by a herd of magical unicorns

Magical unicorns (that’s an oxymoron isn’t it?) have nothing to do with this post.  Sarah suggested that if I wasn’t going to write about vamps and werewolves in Glimpse that perhaps the addition of a magical unicorn was in order.  I could name it Horny and then I’d pique the interest of the sexer crowd too.

What this post is about is querying.  I sent out five this morning to agents from my latest list, it would’ve been more, but I had to cross a few off.  Even if you get the agents information off of a reputable site like Agent Query, always recheck it before you send them a query.  If they have one, it’s a good idea to peruse their personal website-sometimes they have slightly different submission guidelines than the other agents at their agency do or they’ve updated what they’re looking for.  This morning I discovered that one of the agents I’d put on my list hasn’t written a new post since July of 2008.  I did some searching and found no evidence that she has been so awesomely busy that she couldn’t add her recent sales or new clients to her site, nor was she no longer an agent or deceased.  You have to consider how an agent would treat you if they take you on and I’m not sure someone who can’t update their blog for almost 2 years and I would get along.

I’m holding off on sending Glimpse to the two  e-publishers I’ve written all the formatting instructions down for  until I hear back from this last batch of agents.  If I don’t hear from them within a month, I consider that a “no.”  Every once in a while I’ll get a response back several months later-the longest I’ve encountered is four, but I’ve heard of other writers even getting requests for full manuscripts up to nine months after they’d queried.  Again, is that someone you really want representing you?

I’ve got one more Glimpse related piece of business to do today.  I need to check up on Flux.  They are a print publisher that takes unagented manuscripts and I sent them Glimpse at the end of August.  Last time I looked they said the wait period for a reply was running about 6 months, so I think I’m warranted a little investigative e-mailing.  Plus, I kinda hope they lost it because the version I sent was so 8 edits ago.

After that, I’m on to more Glimmer.  I’ve finally gotten over the speed bump that was causing me to stare into space and go, “uhhhh” for minutes on end trying to figure out how to bridge where I was at to where I needed to be.   And standing on that bridge was Horny, the magical unicorn.