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#ROW80 Sunday check-in

I didn’t check-in on Wednesday (except on Facebook) because, well, I haven’t written a single word on any of my goals this week.

What I have been doing is marketing/networking for the Pacific Northwest YA Authors site. After Wordstock last weekend, I had SO MUCH to do on Monday that I believe I was at my computer for 12  hours straight with a short break to take my son to and from school.

If you’ve read Glow, then you’ll know why I made Ben a character that once he latches onto an idea, he can’t let go. Nope, didn’t model that characteristic after myself at all. 🙂

Things had settled down a little by Tuesday and I spent the rest of the week contacting people who had signed up to have us speak at their school/library or had traded cards with me and weren’t already connected to me/PacNWYA on all the social media sites.

You guys know how much I love to market and network.


But, now I feel like my part of that is done for a while and the other women in PacNWYA are taking over most of the duties from me.

Back to writing.

We’ve got three tour dates this week, so I’m sticking to my Tuesday/Thursday writing schedule.  I have gone ahead (’cause you knew I would) and added more work for myself by signing on to write a short story for a YA paranormal romance anthology. That story is due in two months and needs to be around 13K, so I’ve got to get on it!

I’m still excited about all the projects I’m working on and now that I don’t have to be all manic marketer until the New Year…Yay!

Other stuff: Like I posted the other day, Jenny Pox by JL Bryan is free right now on Amazon and other outlets.  There is a Glimpse excerpt in the back of it.  I thought it would be a wise move to lower Glimpse to .99 again so that the people who got Jenny for free would be more willing to pick up Glimpse.

I also made Glimpse and Day of Sacrifice FREE on Smashwords.  Just to see what would happen.  I’ve never made anything free before, but my sales have been kind of sluggish, so I thought I’d see if this draws some interest. Plus, Day of Sacrifice is a year old! Woot!

Have a great Sunday you all and I’ll talk at ya again on Wednesday.


Takeover is published!

Finally.  I know, I know, I said it would be out in July. I’m not going to make that mistake again!

The Day of Sacrifice saga continues with Takeover: Will of the Gods.  It’s live on Smashwords right now and will hopefully show up on Barnes and Noble and Amazon within the next day.

If you’re a newsletter subscriber, I’ve (hopefully) sent you a coupon to get it for free.  Enjoy! Uh, membership has it privileges and all that. 🙂

That’s all for today, I’m off to make some spaghetti for dinner.

This place about to GLOW

I’ve had that stuck in my head for the past few days, so I had to use it somewhere. 🙂

In twenty-four hours I will be on the beach sitting in front of a bonfire with a beer in one hand and my kindle in the other. Time, it’s time to get a move on!

Phew!  Let me tell you, when indie authors talk about how hard it is doing everything yourself, this is the kind of week they are referring to.

Glow is out!  Go forth and find out how it all ends. 🙂 Right now, it’s up on SmashwordsBarnes and Noble and Amazon. It will also be on All Romance ebooks  soon.  And Apple, Kobos, Sony…all of those places! I’m just waiting for Smashwords to have free ISBN’s again.

All of my books will also be for sale as e-books at Powell’s Books in the near future. Probably no one outside of Portland cares about this, but, for me, having my books at Powell’s is kind of a dream.  If you ever get a chance to physically visit Powell’s City of Books, you’ll know what I’m talking about.  A book nerd could straight get lost in there for days.

I took a little trip over to my local Powell’s yesterday to find out how one goes about getting their books on Powell’s site. I got attacked by black birds on the way into the store, which was a first! Anyways, turns out it’s easy.  All I have to do is go through Google books.  I got a little bit of a ‘tude when I asked the cashier about e-books and referred to myself as an author. But I also bought eight used paperbacks, so she can’t blame me for singlehandedly killing their business.

The birds also attacked me on the way out of the store. I used the paperbacks to fend them off.

In other e-book news, Smashwords is having a big ol’ sale.  Day of Sacrifice is free with coupon code SSWSF and The Toilet Business is discounted to $1.75 with coupon code SSW50.

Also, here are two new indie reader sites to peruse over the weekend – Breakthrough Bookstore and IndieAuthorRockstar. My books are up on Breakthrough and I’ve submitted Glimpse to be a contender on Indie Author Rock star.  Alas, it wasn’t picked for this month, but this is only the first round.  Lots of great books were chosen.  I have no idea which one I’m going to vote for!

Besides all of the book craziness this week, I also got to sit in on my SIL’s c-section yesterday and help her welcome her new son, Luke.  I got to hold him first!  It was awesome.  He yowled for twenty minutes straight.  My SIL and I were like, “Oh crap! I forgot how loud they can be!” Of course, when I went to visit today, he slept the whole time and was a perfect little angel. 🙂

I hope everyone in the States has a great holiday weekend! I have a couple more things planned before I head to the coast. Cleaning my disaster of a house will not be one of them.

I’ve got to help my sister lift her new 300 lb etching press onto a table this evening and then tomorrow, I’m taking my niece to see Monte Carlo. (And, yes, I picked the movie. Finn from Glee is in it, people!)


Blog Tour de Awesome

Wow!  What a fun and inspiring weekend.  Thanks to the Indie Book Collective for putting the Blog Tour de Troops together and including me in it.

Between  Book Noise and this blog, I was able to give away 163 free books to commenters!  Which means 163 books for the troops!

Or does it?

All the authors on the tour got together and we decided that we wanted to do more.  So, many of us are donating the number of comments we received +100 or +200.  I’m donating 163 of each of my books.

Seriously.  It’s the least we can do.  After you spend the weekend reading stories about soldiers and their families and how war has affected them…you’re gonna give away a lot of damn books. 🙂

Have a great Tuesday!  I know it’s back to work for most of us.  Glow ain’t writin’ itself, people.

The Toilet Business Contest Winners!

Thanks to everyone that commented and shared your crappy job stories.  The jobs fell into two categories: crappy office jobs where people yelled at you or gross jobs that turned your stomachs. I’ve had both types and both have sucked pretty equally.

I had a hard time picking the winners.  I came up with six contenders, but was only going to give five e-books away.  And if I am going to change the rules and give away six, why not give one away to each person that entered?

So, everyone wins! (This is why I was a horrible manager.  Such a pushover!)

Congratulations to Pamela, Marty, Sharon, Keri, Lara, Claret, Deniz, Cara, Jon, Ro, J.R. and Cindy! I’ll send the Smashwords coupon code to all of you today.  Please leave an honest review on Smashwords, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble if you feel so inclined.

Happy reading!

#ROW80 part deux and other good things

Round two of ROW80 starts on April 4th.  To sign up, go here.  I’m not saving anything up for it this time as I’ve already taken a little break before starting work on Glow, so I’ll just keep working on that. 

So, yeah, GOALS: Finish Glow.  Edit Glow. Send Glow to betas. Edit Glow again.  Publish Glow.  That is it. I’m all about the Glow, people. 🙂

Except: My brain is crazy and I had a fab idea for a rom-com at 3 in the morning the other day.  Thus, there might be some noodling on The Five Engagements of Ruby McClure and I’ve also got the 4th DoS story, Takeover, to bust out at the end of this round.

But THAT IS ALL.  Really. I’m not working on anything else!

Now for some links to things that other hardworking folks are doing:

Jessica Subject is a writer and book blogger who is celebrating the blogoversary for her blog, Mark of the Stars this April.  There will be author interviews, reviews, guest blogs and giveaways aplenty. The schedule is here. My post is on April 25th.  I’ve offered up e-copies of all of my books for the massive month-long giveaway.  There are soooo many good things to win!

Today over at Electrifying Reviews, you can enter to win a paperback copy of Angela Charlie’s debut, Dream Smashers!  It’s international, y’all!

Keyboard Hussy, (otherwise known as Evelyn Lafont) is having a party on Facebook to celebrate the release of her new book The Vampire Relationship Guide, Volume 1: Meeting and Mating. Check here for all the deets.

And, if you get the chance, please remember to tell everyone you have ever known that likes to read e-books that Glimpse is 99 cents for the month of April on Smashwords, Barnes and Noble and Amazon.  That would be swell of you.

Now back to working on Glow.  I finally got all the characters out of their respective cars.

Glimpse is 99 cents for the month of April

Good morning!  Before I get started writing on Glow, I thought I’d give you all a heads up that Glimpse is only 99 cents for the month of April.  But it’s still March, you say?  Well, you never know how long it’s going to take these things to go in effect, so I thought I’d better be prepared and I repriced Glimpse last night.

You can find it at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.  I decided to have a sale on Glimpse in April because it’s my indieversary month, y’all!  I also thought that if there were some readers that were on the fence, they might be persuaded to give the Zellie trilogy a try if the first book was priced  lower. I don’t expect to leave  Glimpse priced at 99 cents past the month of April, so help spread the word if you can.

As another indieversary treat, I’ll also be posting my short story If You Leave on here and on my website.  Currently, you can read If You Leave and a bunch of other awesome paranormal stories in the anthology Kiss Me, Kill Me.  I’ll post the story on Friday.

Shamrock shakes

Just a quick post today!  Happy St. Patty’s day, everyone!  I’ve got my shamrock socks on and plan on doing some editing and cleaning of the house. Boo.  The weather is crap and I’m longing for the St. Patty’s days of yore when I’d be gearing up to go to Brennan’s in Venice Beach for green beers and to watch people get in awesome bar fights at noon.  Today I’m settling for a Diet Coke and listening to the Pogues while I clean the bathroom.

This getting old thing kinda blows sometimes.  The upside, of course, is tomorrow I’ll be clear-headed and my lips won’t be green. 🙂

Lara Dunning has posted her review of Rebellion on her blog today.  You can check that out here.  Stay tuned for an interview with me and a giveaway on Sunday. 

Also, a head’s up about pricing:  I raised the price of the DoS stories to $1.29.  You can still get them for $1 on Amazon and various Smashwords distribution sites, like Kobo and Apple, until the new price change winds its way through the system.  So, if you’ve been waiting to get them, you might wanna do that now before they go up 29 cents.   OR, you can wait a couple weeks and get the first three stories all together for $2.99.  Your other option is not buying them at all because you think I suck.  🙂

I promise I haven’t been drinking.  Really.

Bits and pieces

Howdy.  I hope everyone is having a decent Tuesday, it’s chaos as usual here in the Benefiel household.  I have a few useful links to share with indie readers and writers alike today.

I’m doing the I Heart Indie Books reading challenge on Goodreads and Michelle from Indie Paranormal Book Review is the mediator. (Is that the right word?  I’m drawing a blank.  She runs the dang thing. Ha!)  Anyway, she’s posted some sites where people can find indie reads more easily, and she posted a new one last night.  Indie Ebook Hall of Fame is brand new and super easy to submit to.  The only criteria are that the book is indie, available in several e-book formats (basically, is it on Smashwords?), and it needs to have received a minimum of three positive reviews from indie or indie friendly book bloggers.   I sent in my submission last night.  (Just to illustrate how awesome and der I am, I hopped all over the internet grabbing all the links and such for Glimpse before realizing that I have everything-including the reviews! compiled in one place on my website. No wonder it gets no hits, I can’t even remember to hit it.)

Also, the Indie Book Collective launched the Blog Tour De Force this week and J.L Bryan is only a few days into his Haunted E-book Tour.  Lots of chances with both blog tours to win books and kindles!

Today I’m writing from Melody’s POV in Glow and it is definitely the hardest so far.  I mean, I’ve got Zellie down and Ben is Claire + lots of inappropriate sexual comments, so that’s not too hard for me either. 🙂  The last time I really wrote from Melody’s POV, she was 13 and popular and not a Lookout.  Yeah, a lot’s changed!  She’s 15 in Glow, the same age Zellie was at the beginning of Glimpse, but I think we can all agree that Zellie and Melody are not similar in very many ways.

I suppose I’ll just keep writin’ on it and Melody will turn up. 🙂

Have a great rest of the day!  See you tomorrow for ROW80 check-in #5.

ROW80-2nd update SWB

I did pretty good, all things considering.  Let’s take a look at my goals and see what needs adjusting.

*Write 500 words a day.  I wrote 3,000 good words on Monday and around 600 each day on T,W, TH, and F. (I probably deleted about 1K of suck, overall.) I wrote 300 on Saturday, which is when I’m writing this blog post. Excluding Monday, I averaged 557 words a day.  This amount is absolutely doable, although I think I’m going to allow myself to take weekends off if need be.  My house is a disaster and I need time to clean it. 🙂

*Edit and publish Rebellion next week.  Done and Done. Rebellion went live on Smashwords and Pubit on Wednesday and Amazon on Thursday.  I’ve been marketing like a crazy person.

*Work primarily on Glow, the final Zellie Wells book. Excluding Monday, all my word count has been for Glow.  As of today I’ve written 2,786 good words.  I would like to shoot for another 3,000 this week.

*Work on Dormant, the third DoS story when Glow starts pissing me off. (Trust me, it will and I shall shun it for a couple of days to get the characters to behave.) Haven’t started working on Dormant anywhere but in my head.  I’m fine with that.  I need a little time out of that world and to ruminate on the plot.  Will most likely start writing a couple hundred words on it in week 3.

*Complete a serviceable first draft of Glow to be edited and finished during the next round of ROW80. We’ll see what happens here.  Right now, my 500 words a day isn’t going to be enough to make it all the way to a first draft-the Zellie books come in around 55,000-but it will get me pretty close.  Some days I’m sure I will manage to write more than 500 words.

*Complete and publish Dormant. I will have a better idea about this goal when I start writing Dormant in week 3.  If I buckle down, these stories take me about 2 weeks total to write.  However, I’ve never written every day for two weeks! No, really. NEVER.  Well, maybe that one time…

*Come up with the general plot for the next DoS story which I will write in the next round. This can wait until the last week.  I know the characters the story will be about.  More thinkin’ at the grocery store for me!

All right.  I feel better after going through all that.  My main issue this week is the issue I have every week:  I’m a SAHM to a 2-year-old and a 4-year-old. In week 2 of ROW80, I won’t have a short story to edit, format, and publish, but my parents who usually watch the kids a couple days a week for me will be in Hawaii, so we’ll see how much I get done without my alone time. 🙂 (I know, my life is sooooo hard.  Everyone should be so lucky!)

Also, my regular blogging days have been a bit screwed up.  I usually blog on M-W-F and struggle to come up with posts.  What I’m thinking I’ll do is post my updates on W and Su and blog one other day. So, still three times a week, but different days.

Rest assured, #4’s (did you guys know you’re my team?) I’ve been reading your blogs and updates.  I comment when I have something new to add to the conversation or can figure out where to leave a comment. Ha!  I try to be on Twitter and chat there.  I’m @Stacey_WB now. I was @MomJeans1975, but changed it because MomJeans1975 was too professional sounding.

I’m having a great time chatting with all of you guys and thanks so much for the support.  Week 2, here we go!