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I haz kitchen.

In a little over five weeks my kitchen went from a 1960’s Mickey D’s color themed hell to a lovely, modern, functional room.  Here are some pictures of the finished product.  I still have a couple of projects to complete-like stripping and staining the door to the laundry room and putting the transitions from the kitchen to dining room floors down.  However, I’ve got company coming on Friday and the rest of my house is a straight disaster, so stripping and transitioning will have to wait.   Without further ado (and backed by the soothing sounds of my children screaming for me and a happening electronic Bossa Nova…

That hole back there where you can see all the crap I have to put in the garage sitting on the washer is where the laundry room door will go.

Those tall doors are responsible for three IKEA trips all by themselves.

The room beyond with the globe is the playroom.  Now I can wash wineglasses in my huge-ass sink and watch my kids jam on their keyboard at the same time. Also, that calendar says July.

Never be afraid to paint your walls neon orange and accessorize with Julia Child and your granny’s old mandolin.

I have no idea why my husband is in charge of taking all the family photos.   Don’t you think my lighting composition in this one is moody with just a touch of danger?  Oh, it’s just dark and blurry, you say?  Whatevs.

I only have to lose 20 more lbs. and then I can bathe in this sink!

I would like you to be impressed that I picked out the cabinets, countertops, and backsplash all on different occasions.  Yes, I realize brown and beige and gray all match each other, but is pretty no?

There you have it!  I would like to thank Job and Johnny from scottsavoie for all the great work they did.  My house is old and weird and it was not an easy job, I know.


The perfect setting for a photo shoot. Perhaps I’ll pose with my crowbar.

Is it Friday?  Do you ever have weeks like that?  I swear to God I’ve been thinking it was Friday since Wednesday and now Friday’s here and it seems like Tuesday.  Whatever the hell day it is, the kitchen demo is done!  Here are a few photos taken by my extremely amateur photog self:

 This is a very messy before picture.

 As is this.

 All the doors removed.

 The boy finds a new place to hide.

Yes, that wall is pink.  Also, that’s my dad. 

The real destruction begins.

Bye-bye three layers of floor.  Thanks to my awesome neighbor Sarah for the use of her scary tile scraper.

All done!  Now to add everything back in.  I’m glad I won’t be the one doing it.  I look like I’ve been beaten.  Which is awesome because the newspaper that did an interview with me last week is sending over a photographer today to take my picture.  Hope they like pics of authors wearing sunglasses and long sleeve shirts in 90 degree weather.  It will just add to my mystique, right?  Whatever, that’s what I’m going with. 😉

Now I’m going to attempt to clean the house so that it doesn’t look like I live in the apocalypse. I have been doing dishes in the bathroom, in the sink though, not the shower!

Have a great weekend everyone!  I’ll be finishing Glimmer and sitting on my butt.  Two of my favorite things.