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Get Funky

I’ve decided I’m in a funk.

I came to this conclusion by examining past funks and this one has all the signs. The main two signs being overconsumption of candy and the fact that I just watched three seasons of Kyle XY in under a week.

There was the Turning Thirty funk that had me rabidly watching Roswell and then going to three stores at ten at night in my pajama pants to secure the box set of the last season.  The Oh Dear God I Can’t Be Pregnant For One More Second funk was prolonged and lasted through viewings of all of the box sets of Buffy and Angel.

The funks aren’t always accompanied by tv shows. I’ve had an Outlander funk (post holiday malaise), a Harry Potter funk (newborn baby sleep deprivation), a Twilight funk (70th rejection letter) and a Vampire Academy funk (no more Twilight series).

Funk= entertainment binge.

Past experience has also taught me that I have about two more days before I start feeling better, get control of myself and start being proactive.

Two days later…

I realized I was glad to be in my thirties, that I wouldn’t be pregnant forever, that it was almost March, the baby started sleeping through the night, I decided to self-publish, there are Twilight movies. 🙂

What’s my current funk about? It’s stupid.  It’s so stupid that this is what I Googled today:

How to get your novels turned into a television show.

Some seriously random and unhelpful crap came up.  Not sure what I was expecting. I know for sure that nothing is easy and that all my questions can’t be answered by Googling, but just once wouldn’t it be cool if at the top of the page there was a checklist to follow?

What makes this funk even more stupid is that I know the answer to the question I Googled and I just don’t want to do what I have to do.

Write query letters.

Query letters are the auditions of writing.  Half the reason I quit pursuing an acting career was the icky feeling I always got after auditions, the “let me prove to you how awesome I am,” feeling.

But, trying to turn the Zellie books into a TV show has always been part of the plan.  A part of the plan that I really, really want. The agents aren’t falling from the sky to help me out, so I have to query.

And I gotta start doing it on Sunday. 🙂


No! Sleep! ‘Til Beaverton!

This week is sponsored by Coke and chocolate and a bad attitude.  I am dumb sometimes and do things like stay up until past midnight two nights in a row reading Spirit Bound, when I know full well I’m the mother of a toddler and a preschooler who wake up hella early. Super tired again today and to add to the fun, the kids were being whiny about every dang thing this morning.  The boy didn’t want waffles, he wanted cereal, but not the cereal we have and why does he have to share a banana with his sister and why can’t he have chocolate milk for breakfast and on and on.  And then, in his infinite wisdom, my husband decided he was going to invite our niece and nephew over to play.  ‘Cause more kids in the house when I’m trying to study for my upcoming transcription final, while doing laundry, and attempting not to fall asleep at my desk is a good idea.  Luckily, I sent them all away to the park and was able to get my work done.

My trip to IKEA yesterday was the exact opposite of the one I took last week.  I went in and a lovely woman by the name of Gen helped walk me through everything and we got the cabinets and all the hardware ordered and even a quote for countertops.  Oh, and since it was just me and my dad who went this time, we also stopped at Home Depot and did some Wallace style shopping, purchasing the perfect sink and faucet in under three minutes.  The Wallace’s do not fuck around when it comes to decision-making and it only backfires 49% of the time.  Ha!

Tonight is the first of the last three dress/tech rehearsals for King Midas.  We are doing the show in English and Spanish, but haven’t practiced the Spanish in a while.  I recorded some of the dialogue that a rose says and oh, lordy, am I going to be mocked for my Spanish accent.  Hopefully, most mocking will be done in Spanish and in a moderate way that I can’t understand.  I’d only be clued in if they said anything that had to do with food, swear words, or the biblioteca.  Okay, maybe la playa too.

My Glimpse giveaway on Goodreads ends today.  So far it’s up to 860 people who have entered.  Not bad odds!  There are still a few hours to get in on it if you’re feelin’ lucky.

Thanks to everyone who is buying Glimpse!  My sales are getting better and I’m cracking the Top 100 in Girls & Women, and Love & Romance for a little bit every day.  You guys are awesome!

All right, I have got to go sit my butt in a chair and doze for a minute or two.

While I’m doing that, here’s a fun interview I did with Jessica at A Fanatic’s Book Blog for you to peruse.